The Deal: Microsoft Wants to Buy TikTok

Microsoft Wants to Buy TikTok
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The idea is to get access to Tiktok’s massive customer-centric data.

The American software giant, Microsoft, confirmed its plan to buy Tiktok- the social media sensation with over 800 million monthly active users.

The deal will be a breakthrough for Microsoft as it fuels the firm’s understanding of customer behavior, especially the younger demographic, and engage the audience with a video platform.

It has the potential to not just influence, but also reshape how Microsoft makes its future products.

TikTok will give Microsoft access to the much-needed consumer video data in the AI landscape, something its rivals already have.

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Source- Hootsuite

Microsoft may leverage the platform for advertising in the English-Speaking nations. The deal will help the firm take on its AI competitors on a whole new level.

President Trump wants the US government to get a cut of the deal if Microsoft or any other American firm buys the US operations of TikTok. This has led to further complications in the negotiations to strike a deal.

In case no deal is worked out, the president has made it pretty clear that he will ban the app on September 15.

Microsoft has quelled security concerns, stating they will ensure that all private data of Americans using TikTok is transferred to and remains only in the United States.