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Exceptional lead generation campaigns demand a strategic approach to content.

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Because there's never been a 'one-eBook-fits-all' audience.

Today’s buying committees have diverse roles and responsibilities. A Manager+ audience consists of Managers, Directors, VPs, CXOs, and everything in between – all these roles want something different out of the content that they consume. There is no single asset that will resonate with them all. This is also true when a buying committee is made up of multiple departments, and/or regions within an organization.

A single ebook won’t cut it. Not anymore. 

Sometimes, saying less is worth more.

Modern B2B buyers want shorter, snackable content, that’s hyper-relevant to them. They want to be spoken to – not at – with more marketing touchpoints and personalized experiences.

For marketers, this means more content and a deep understanding of how your buyers behave, and what they value. Marketing to this buyer forces lead generation and content creation to adapt, to become more strategic, and to become more buyer-centric.

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Strategic content for better campaign outcomes.

Whether you’re starting from scratch or optimizing your content that’s in-market, Digitalzone is your gal. Powered by our experienced team of strategists and analysts with deep market expertise, we can provide as much, or as little, support as your team requires. 

Fast track content development.

Partnering with your subject matter experts or providing our own, we can stand up content from ideation, to outline, to final branded piece.

Maximize the content you have.

Give us your most prized content assets and we’ll optimize them to be most relevant for the different personas within your target audience.

We do it all. Really.

From ebooks, whitepapers, webinars, to infographics – we’ve done it all, for every use case, to drive more where it matters. 

Display Ads

Data-driven display coverage.

Start getting subconscious. Include lead-level display and retargeting campaigns for surround sound awareness and increased brand recall. Learn more.


Artfully crafted, high engagement outreach.

Not all nurtures are created equal. Content engagement and buyer journey stages matter and your content should reflect that. Drive more personalization. Learn more.

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Turn high quality MQLs into customers.

Get a high-def picture of each of your leads. Boost lead qualification with full visibility into lead journey data, giving you insights into every campaign touchpoint and solid data for your next move. Learn more.

One touch to connect.

It's time to stop chasing mediocre leads and start connecting with qualified prospects today. We're ready to get you connected.