Our global community. Your next customer.

Our owned and operated database of 105+ million B2B professionals is our superpower. 

A global audience at your fingertips.

With access to decision-makers and buying committees.


Leads managed directly by Digitalzone


Global first party B2B profiles


Countries with regional compliance considerations


Successful campaigns delivered (and counting)

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Clearer signals for better directions.

By owning our own data, we create more clarity around intent to purchase with human-verified buying signals. This means less assumptions based on minor actions, and more deduction from real-time engagement with meaningful content. 

Unified data for connected experiences.

Owning the means of production means the data fueling your campaign is connected across all channels - down to the lead (No, not just down to the account. The lead!). 

Display Ads

Data-driven display coverage.

Start getting subconscious. Include lead-level display and retargeting campaigns for surround sound awareness and increased brand recall. Learn more.


Artfully crafted, high engagement outreach.

Not all nurtures are created equal. Content engagement and buyer journey stages matter and your content should reflect that. Drive more personalization. Learn more.

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Turn high quality MQLs into customers.

Get a high-def picture of each of your leads. Boost lead qualification with full visibility into lead journey data, giving you insights into every campaign touchpoint and solid data for your next move. Learn more.

Because privacy isn't just a buzzword.

You wouldn’t give your house keys to a stranger. Don’t trust your privacy to one (or ten) third-party data vendors.  


Owning our own database means we have full control of compliance with both global and regional privacy laws. Every lead is backed by our commitment to transparency and adherence to the most up to date legislation. 

If you’re thinking agility, speed, scale, and quality...

You're already thinking of us.