Salesforce Reveals digital 360 with New Features to Marketing and Commerce needs

Salesforce Reveals digital 360 with New Features to Marketing and Commerce needs


  • Marketing cloud 360 expands to deliver real-time engagement, audience segmentation, and capabilities to build a loyal audience.
  • Commerce cloud 360 unveils enhanced order management, and additional capabilities for companies to go digitally faster with less code and more clicks
  • The strategic partnership between Google and Salesforce helps marketers understand customers better by using first-party data across marketing and advertising
  • The Snapchat partnership help marketers create personalized ads
  • Companies can now manage WhatsApp business directly within the cloud for effective communication

Salesforce, the leading CRM in the world, introduces new digital 360 capabilities. Helping companies go digital faster and deliver next-generation marketing and commerce experience.   

As consumers keep pushing the limits of digital expectations – from ordering groceries to applying for mortgages, Salesforce- combining data and digital- is one step ahead in digital transformation.

To extract more value from digital, companies need to have a better understanding of customer preferences. The new digital 360 technologies from Salesforce bring in these capabilities. The new technology brings marketing, sales, and commerce together.; making customers the center of your digital strategy.

Marketing Cloud 360

With the next generation marketing cloud, marketers can create customer-centric strategies using the following tools and features:

Salesforce CDP: An enterprise customer data platform that integrates different applications. Interaction Studio, which analyzes cross-channel brand interactions helps you determine whether to send a message, an offer, or a content piece.      

Google and Salesforce: The strategic partnership between Google and Salesforce helps brands understand their customers without invading their privacy by using first-party data. The companies will invest more to make it easier for brands to gain customer insights from Salesforce products.

Access Datorama Reports through Marketing Cloud: Powered by Salesforce Datorama, marketers can now access email, mobile, and journey reports right within the marketing cloud interface.

Build career Using Trailhead: Trailhead – Snapchat’s learning platform helps marketers learn relevant skills to upgrade their resumes and take forward their careers.

Snapchat and Salesforce: This partnership helps marketers create personalized ads on Snapchat by leveraging first-party data stored in Salesforce.

WhatsApp Integration: Organizations can use the Marketing cloud’s WhatsApp business solutions to directly connect with the consumers.

Commerce Cloud 360  

Salesforce CDP for Commerce: With commerce cloud data integrated into Salesforce CDP, companies get a full view of customer information across different channels.

B2B2C Commerce: With the new B2B2C commerce app, B2B companies can quickly launch a B2C storefront.  

Salesforce Order management: With the addition of order management for B2B, business buyers can have transparency and control over their order tracking, cancelations, and more.

PWA Kit and Managed Runtime: With the new PWA kit, developers can easily decouple front-end and back-end technologies to create a customized user experience.

“Being digital-first and customer-centric has always been important,” said David Schmaier, Chief Product Officer, Salesforce in a press statement. “With Digital 360, companies have the full power of Salesforce to go digital faster, and get a comprehensive view about customer needs”

Availability of New Tools

  • Salesforce CDP, WhatsApp integrations, Datorama Reports, Salesforce order management features are already available.
  •  B2B2C Commerce and Snapchat personalized ads feature to be available by June 2021.
  • Salesforce PWA kit to be available by August 2021.

The Way Forward

Salesforce’s strategic partnership with Google, Snapchat, and WhatsApp provide industry-leading marketing and commerce tools that help brands create a personalized experience.

The Digital 360 collection page gives customers access to consulting services from companies like Deloitte, Dentsu, Publicis Sapient, and WPP.

With the pandemic, the digital-first experience has gained momentum. Most companies are prioritizing the purchase of digital technologies to fulfil this need. And Salesforce Digital 360 solves this necessity.