How we helped Medallia Institute Understand the Millennial Customer & Pace up their Journey

Medallia Institute Understand the Millennial Customer

The Overview:

A global leader in customer experience management, Medallia Institute targets their core aspect of helping companies in improving their performance. The company creates different courses and workshops that are led by trainers and domain experts to help its learners get the best output. With the view to help one get maximum value out of their customer experience investments, Medallia Institute has changed the way everyone looked at enriching their reach to customers.

The Challenge:

With Medallia Institute, one of their core trials was understanding how to go reach to the millennial group of customers in the best possible way. With millennials being the largest group in the US, Digitalzone Business Consulting took the time to understand their mindset since catering to them was very critical. It was also noted that their annual spending power is an estimated $600 billion, and is projected to reach $1.4 trillion by 2020.


Digitalzone Business Consulting understood they needed to take into consideration some core factors before they proceeded with this case for Medallia Institute:

1. Recognizing the factors that deeply influenced the decision of busy millennials

2. What can be done to make millennial customers feel valued so we can gain their trust and thus persuade them to do business with us

3. What exactly drives millennial individuals and their behavior after certain good and bad experiences?

We focused on these core points to understand the exact target reach audience of Medallia Institute, further which we could get going with the campaign.

The Campaign:

The campaign started with understanding the behavior of millennial clients. We then made an in-depth list of the clients and companies we wished to target. With this knowledge in our hand, the next step was clear – reaching out to them, helping them to understand why the whitepaper by Medallia Institute was important and why Digitalzone Business Consulting came into the picture.

We also helped capture the attention of business clients and companies whose major segment of target was millennials and who faced issues in catering to them smoothly. Once we gave them an idea of how it would help them in resolving some core issues, they couldn’t wait to read it up!


Digitalzone Business Consulting started reaching out to relevant clients through social media, different platforms, telemarketing and other methods to connect with the decision makers. Once we did get through, the next step that came forth was to send them the paper designed by Medallia Institute.

We also understood the essentials of the paper and how it would help its receivers.

The Result:

The campaign was successfully done by Digitalzone Business Consulting and proved to become a grand success, also inviting many business customers to come forth and read it along the way. With this in place, the next step was to identify how to reach more people and provide them this whitepaper that was definitely created in a way to rectify many obstacles that most businesses come across.