Opt-in List Building
Targetting those who want to know more.
Why Opt-in List Building?
Opt-in lists include prospects who have chosen to receive information about a certain product/service. This also helps in making lead generation trackable. Opt-in list building also helps brands internally align their sales and marketing team in a better fashion making way for persuasive and meaningful messages that drive revenues.
Opt-in list building is about bringing a new prospect to an awareness level and gaining their consent to share more.
Opt-in List Building at Digitalzone
We at Digitalzone first identify a product/service’s ideal customer profile. During the list building process, we also follow a double protocol system where the prospect is asked for a confirmation before being added to the opt-in list. Keeping user experience in mind, a prospect can opt-in with a single click at both stages. Moreover, as a part of our opt-in list building process, we not just build your landing pages but also nurture them all through the journey before an actual offer is presented.
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