Maximizing Reach and ROI for Loom

Digitalzone's partnership helped Loom generate high-quality leads, improve ROI, and boost email engagement through targeted content syndication.

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Identifying key decision-makers.

Loom targeted high-usage enterprise accounts but struggled to engage key decision-makers with individual contributors and professionals.

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Tailored distribution and promotion.

Loom partnered with Digitalzone to develop a targeted distribution and promotion plan, expanding their reach and effectively engaging their audience. The comprehensive marketing approach delivered high-quality leads that resulted in a notable improvement in ROI.

With Digitalzone's adaptive marketing strategies, Loom was able to promote their content to new audience segments, markets, and channels, yielding a high return on investment.


Performance highlights.

Outstanding Campaign Performance

Digitalzone's pilot campaign delivered 1,200 leads to Loom.

Strong Email Engagement Rates

1,200 leads delivered, with an impressive 45.15% open rate, 21.02% click rate, and 1.87% unsubscribe rate for email marketing.

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Amplifying Loom's market impact.

Digitalzone's tailored marketing approach has driven Loom's growth and helped the company stand out in a competitive landscape. Their innovative strategies ensure the right audience engages with Loom's marketing materials.

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We know how to get targeting right.

We deliver high-quality leads that are thoroughly vetted for accuracy, ensuring that your message reaches the right audience at the right time.

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