Transforming Marketo’s Lead Gen Strategy

Digitalzone's personalized campaigns produced 24,000+ leads for Marketo, cutting costs and boosting growth.

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The challenge of personalization at scale.

Like many enterprise organizations, Marketo was struggling to generate leads at scale while optimizing in a dynamic digital landscape.

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Revamping Marketo’s lead gen strategy.

Digitalzone implemented a content syndication strategy to overcome the challenge of inaccurate leads, improving Marketo's lead generation process. By focusing on building brand awareness, delivering high-quality, vetted leads, and promoting valuable marketing assets, Digitalzone significantly reduced acquisition costs, increased customer engagement, and accelerated Marketo's sales pipeline growth.

Their targeted campaigns across multiple industries generated high-quality leads and leveraged demand generation expertise to align marketing and sales efforts, resulting in cost savings and a stronger brand presence in the dynamic digital landscape.


Performance highlights.

Qualified Lead Funnel
Digitalzone generated over 24,000 high-quality leads that propelled extensive growth.

Growing Together
Thanks to a successful partnership in 2021, Digitalzone has collaborated with Marketo to launch over 10 campaigns and drive extensive growth over the past two years.

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Growth through syndication.

Digitalzone's targeted content syndication and personalized experiences helped fuel Marketo's growth, delivering high-quality leads and reducing acquisition costs. As Marketo continues to expand, our partnership contributes to their continued success.

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We know how to get targeting right.

We deliver high-quality leads that are thoroughly vetted for accuracy, ensuring that your message reaches the right audience at the right time.

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