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Why lead gen and demand gen are crucial to your B2B marketing success.

Published on 5 October, 2023 | Author: Digitalzone

As a savvy marketer, you’re aware of the immense value that lead generation and demand generation bring to the table. They form a dynamic duo, driving businesses forward by fueling sales and accelerating revenue. But here’s the catch: while these terms are often used interchangeably, they represent distinctly different stages in the customer acquisition process. Understanding the nuances between them is crucial because, let’s face it, navigating the complexities can sometimes feel like untangling a web. 

Lead Gen vs. Demand Gen: What’s the deal?

Picture this: lead generation is like being a detective on a case. It’s about finding to right clues that point to folks who are already showing some love for what you’re selling and getting them to the next step. We’ve got an amazing proprietary database, specifically designed to help us spot those ready-to-jump-in potential customers. We use everything in our toolkit, like content syndication, email nurturing, and account-based marketing (ABM), to reel them in and set them on the path to becoming loyal customers. 

Now, demand generation? Think of it as being the hype guy. It’s all about creating a buzz, getting people excited about your brand, even before they know they need what you’re selling. We’re talking about engaging content, memorable experiences, and some serious thought leadership to make your brand stand out.  

When we blend this with our lead generation, it’s like creating a supercharged engine that takes your brand from being just a name to becoming the chosen one for your customers. Remember, it’s not just about finding customers; it’s about creating demand and compelling them to desire to be a part of your brand’s journey. 

Now, let’s dive into the different levels of lead engagement and how you can refine your lead gen strategy. 

Understanding the varying levels of lead engagement is crucial in refining your lead gen strategy. Let’s break it down:

Single-touch: The Lurkers 

These are leads that have interacted with your content just once. They may be on your targeted account list, but they chose not to engage further. Why? Unpacking this can help refine your strategy and encourage more engagement in the future. 

Double-touch: The Dabblers 

These leads have interacted with a couple pieces of content. Knowing which piece they engaged with and what they ignored can provide further insights into their interests and preferences. 

High-Quality Leads (HQL): The Almost-There’s 

These leads interacted but didn’t ‘qualify’ when it came to your HQL questions. Understanding why they fell short can help refine your qualification process and identify opportunities for re-engagement. 

BANT: The Near-Misses 

These leads interacted but only ‘qualified’ on 1 or 3 out of 4 BANT (Budget, Authority, Need, and Timing) questions. Understanding where these leads fell short can also significantly help tailor your nurturing strategy. 

The Opt-in: You’ve Arrived  

These campaigns often referred to as email blasts can often fall short because of the lack of personalization or segmentation that most publications or vendors provide. Our proprietary database allows you to address your audience more accurately and with robust firmographic and ABM targeting.  


Demand gen and lead gen are crucial components for a thriving marketing strategy. They both play distinct roles in the customer acquisition process, demanding unique approaches and tactics. By understanding the difference between demand gen and lead gen, you can craft a comprehensive marketing strategy that generates awareness, captures high-quality leads, and converts them into loyal customers. It’s the perfect duo that drives success. Who wouldn’t want all that synergy? 

At Digitalzone, we’re proud to offer a robust global database of more than 105m  leads, empowering you to connect directly with your target audience. Unlike other providers who use partner networks, we eliminate the middlemen and set new standards for speed and efficiency.  

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