The science of certainty

Utilize the science of certainty to build a high-quality lead pipeline.

Published on 1 February, 2024 | Author: Digitalzone

If you’re sick of feeling like B2B marketing is throwing everything at the wall to see what sticks – pay attention. A new concept, the science of certainty, is emerging as a data-driven principle all about integrating predictability and precision into your marketing efforts to make lead gen more effective.

Put simply: using data to meticulously nurture prospects through every stage of the buyer’s journey leads to a healthier sales pipeline and improved ROI. 

The science of certainty doesn’t require hours of study to master. But it also is a topic that every marketer should have a solid lesson on. 

In this article, we’ll take a deep dive on three strategies for building a consistent B2B marketing pipeline and how you can create certainty by leveraging tools to promote a steady and dependable flow of high-quality leads.

1. Focus on quality not quantity.

First- it’s important to try and filter out what a high-value lead looks like to your business.

According to Gartner, orgs that don’t prioritize lead engagement by content type have reported a 10% lower sales acceptance rate of MQLs. That’s an error you likely don’t have the budget to make.

Then, determine the action a lead needs to take to become an MQL – which can vary depending on your marketing goals. After that, it’s all about categorizing leads them into the major groups or personas that your business targets. By knowing what’s valuable to a segment, you can then nurture leads with valuable messaging that they’re looking for.

Nurture programs are the gift that keeps on giving.  Engagements you get from them are valuable data that can inform your next move. You just have to make sure to apply your learnings.

Lead gen is a jog, not a sprint.

2. Mastering the art of lead pacing.

Lead pacing = the management and distribution of leads over a specific period to ensure a consistent flow. 

Adopting a lead pacing strategy that is calculated to meet the revenue goals of your business can save your org serious time and money. With even distribution over time, wave goodbye to pouring money into last-minute lead gen campaigns whenever there’s a period of lead drought.

Lead pacing also prevents your sales team becoming overwhelmed with a sudden influx of leads. Prospects are less likely to be missed in the shuffle of a front-loaded campaign, and there’s increased consistency in day-to-day (or campaign-to-campaign) lead prospects.

Overall, accurate lead pacing allows for a more measured, long-term, and sustainable approach to lead nurturing.

3. Leveraging content marketing and syndication.

The science of certainty leverages content marketing and syndication networks as killer tools for maintaining consistent lead flow. 

Creating valuable, engaging content that addresses the needs of your leads is a proven technique for securing conversions. There’s a but coming.

BUT to take that same content and have like minded brands republish and promote it to their own websites/audiences changes the game entirely – you’re now a thought leader. As a result, you can attract a new set of potential leads since syndication ensures your messages are seen by a broader audience.

Whether it’s free or paid, content syndication is a great way to identify leads because it’s low effort yet easy to boost brand awareness – and an even higher volume of leads – at once.

4. Waterfall take content syndication further.

Most B2B buyers won’t be convinced to convert immediately by simply seeing your content via syndication. It’s not that simple, and B2B buyers just act differently, so you need to approach them on their terms. Understanding their buying behaviors is essential.

Example: since 2020, sites have seen buyer traffic increase on weekends by as much as 60%. The analysis shows that many of those buyers are searching for software during the evenings and weekends, something largely unheard of pre-covid.

With behavioral changes, leads demand a more intricate, long-term type strategy if you want to catch their attention and convert them into buyers.

Waterfall content syndication is a multi-touch and personalized lead gen approach, which inevitably delivers HQL leads. 

By putting a Waterfall content syndication solution to work, you can receive engagement data that reveals insights about your leads to help you determine how you can continue to move them further along the buyer journey. It involves distributing valuable content to them through full-funnel syndication campaigns. 

Unlike single-touch or double-touch campaigns that rely on the types of leads that quickly engage and convert, waterfall content syndication takes the long game approach of continually guiding leads toward conversion – which takes a little more time but maximizes your marketing investment.

Remove the doubt from lead generation.

As digital marketers, mastering the science of certainty is crucial for continued growth.

Data, when utilized strategically through techniques like lead pacing and waterfall content syndication, offers a chance to rewrite the narrative of lead generation, making it more predictable, efficient, and effective. 

By focusing on the tried and true methods that deliver high-quality and full-funnel leads, businesses can build a flowing lead pipeline that promises improved ROI.