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Need another hand? Establishing personalized lead gen beyond single touch.

Published on 22 November, 2023 | Author: Digitalzone

The age-old question: is more always better? The age-old answer: depends on what you’re looking to get. Money? Yup. Leads? Well…  

Single-touch campaigns can get you more leads quickly. It works well for straightforward sales processes, uncomplicated products, brand awareness initiatives and situations where a focused, immediate message is key. If you want volume – single touch works. 

Stop to now consider the major B2B buyers that are not going to be wooed by a single message, piece of content, or really excellent state of the industry report.  

How do you target those who need a long-term, personalized strategy? Enter, Waterfall content syndication—a multi-dimensional, multi-touch approach that engages leads at various touchpoints in their journey, not just one.  

With Waterfall, more is not about volume of leads, but about more dedicated resources to understanding unique buyer journeys; more time and effort can be spent on the right people in the right stage of the buying process.  

So, more is more. And more is less. Got it? 

Marrying single touch with long-term commitments 

For simplicity and speed without the commitment of personalization – single-touch campaigns are going to hit the spot. When you need sophisticated, data-driven, and personalized strategies for capturing prospect attention, turn to Waterfall. 

Single-touch attribution models famously focus on one touchpoint in the customer journey. Don’t get too excited – there’s a tradeoff. Only casting a top of funnel, super-wide net means that not all leads will be genuinely interested in your product or service. This may skew your conversion and sales cycle data. 

To reap the most accurate insights into the buyer journey, how to convert leads, and top-performing content, you’re going to need data. Waterfall provides that depth of engagement data and insight to really dive into the nuanced buyer’s journey and figure out who to target and how to win them – without relying on a single-use campaign. 

Waterfall utilized multiple single and double touch point HQL campaigns along with tracked engagement metrics to deliver valuable content to your audience via full-funnel syndication campaigns. 

Waterfall generates quality MQLs, and actionable journey insights based on how the audience engages. Waterfall also reports on something most other methods overlook – lack of lead engagement. It examines engagement data to uncover hidden opportunities that can help guide you nurture campaigns, improve CX, and elevate your brand perception so that when a “no” is ready to become a “yes,” you’re the first option. 

4 Benefits of Waterfall Content Syndication

Since you’re likely more familiar with single-touch content syndication and marketing strategies, let’s spend a bit more time with Waterfall. This new strategy uniquely touts:  

  1. Comprehensive insights: While Single-Touch campaigns provide basic data, the Waterfall approach generates actionable insights. It examines the audience’s engagement, identifies opportunities, and guides nurture campaigns by delivering valuable content the audience is actively searching for. 
  2. Tailored engagement: Waterfall doesn’t just throw content at your audience; it delivers the right content to the right audience at the right time. It’s not a one-size-fits-all strategy; it’s personalized and precise. (And it just so happens that the modern B2B buyer is super into personalized content!)
  3. Cascade of qualified leads: Waterfall’s lead types, including Single-Touch and Double-Touch HQLs, provide a multi-tiered approach to engagement, ensuring that leads are not just abundant but of the highest quality. This approach prevents a logjam of leads in the funnel, opting instead to deliver leads holistically, filling the entire sales funnel.
  4. Brand, demand, and everything in between: Waterfall is not just a lead generation strategy; it’s a holistic solution that examines patterns among content and past/present/future buyers to set the stage for future precision-guided campaigns. 

While single-touch lead generation has its place in a holistic marketing strategy, it may fall short of meeting all the needs of marketers in the modern B2B landscape. Integrating your existing single-touch, double-touch, HQL, and other strategies into an all-encompassing Waterfall strategy sets your org into a full-funnel, multi-dimensional path toward happy readers, encouraged buyers, and solid brand building.