Meeting Millennial Buyer Expectations

Meeting the expectations of the millennial B2B buyer.

Published on 14 September, 2023 | Author: Digitalzone

You know Millennials, right? Perhaps you’ve met one or two…thousand.  

Born into a digital world, Millennials don’t expect anything less than super-smooth online experiences. It’s not just about your content looking great anymore; now it’s also about being “mobile” and “agile”. Think mobile optimization, lean customer success teams, and incorporating tech tools like CRM (Customer Relationship Management), marketing automation, and data analytics. 

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Get this: Millennials don’t even want to deal with sales reps anymore.

True story.  

They want to do their own homework, evaluate vendors, and check reviews before they even think about picking up the phone for a sales call.  

This aversion to being pitched demonstrates just how much Millennials appreciate and rely on digital content to guide their decision making. With so many research methods available to Millennials, vendors (that’s you!) need to stand out from the noise and make an impact quickly.  

Here are a few handy tips to keep in mind when trying to appeal to the modern Millennial B2B buyer. 

1. Speak With Them, Not at Them 

Here’s another fun fact about Millennials: they care about more than just what you’re selling. They’re really into values like transparency, sustainability, and social responsibility.  

So, how do you resonate with this crowd? Instead of leading with a straight sales pitch, start speaking their language.  

Shout out your company’s mission and values, and show Millennials you’re committed to ethical practices, a healthier planet, and positive social impact. Why does this matter? Because at the end of the day, Millennials want to know they’re connecting with authentic and ethical companies that share their individual values.   

2. Get Personal(ized) 

Millennials love feeling special — can you blame them?  

Personalization can mean the difference between a sale and a hard pass for them.  

A whopping 83% of B2B Buyers say personalization amps up their buying experience.

So, leverage your data analytics and customer segmentation strategies to get deeper insights into their likes and dislikes. This positions you to offer them tailored content and solutions that make them feel like the star of the show. 

3. Be a Leader Worth Following 

Millennials are life-long learners.  

By positioning your brand as the “wise one” that provides valuable insights, you’re much more likely to keep their attention.  

Create engaging and insightful content like blog posts, whitepapers, e-books, and webinars.

And remember, opportunities for networking and knowledge sharing are important to this growing group of buyers. Millennial buyers want to make deals with who they know. So, get out there and show your brand’s presence at conferences, online, and out among your audience.  

4. Make Your Brand Easy to Work 

Millennials don’t stick to one channel — they’re everywhere.  

Brand consistency and friendly UX are your new BFFs.

Your brand needs to offer a seamless omnichannel experience. That means developing synchronized, branded content like landing pages, ebooks, social posts, and email communications. Millennials like to pick up where they left off and crave thoughtful user experiences (UX). They should be able to hop from one of your marketing channels to another without feeling disoriented.  

What’d We Learn? 

Navigating the complex ecosystem of Millennial B2B buyers can be a thrilling adventure.  

This tech-savvy, value-driven, and ever-evolving audience has an appetite for innovation, personalization, and values that match their own.  

Millennials aren’t just influencing the future of B2B buying — they are the future.

In your journey to resonate with this influential group, consider these crucial points: 

  • Have you integrated digital technology to its fullest to offer seamless, frictionless experiences? 
  • Is your brand a reflection of the values that Millennials hold dear? 
  • How personalized are your interactions and offerings? 
  • Are you positioning yourself as a thought leader, a reliable source of insights and knowledge? 

The more you align with the Millennial mindset, the stronger the relationships you can build. This alignment not only boosts your demand and lead generation but sets you up for long-term success in a rapidly changing landscape.