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14 best content syndication platforms.

Published on 13 April, 2023 | Author: Digitalzone

In today’s digital landscape, content syndication networks with high-quality material have attracted substantial, loyal followings and gained increased domain authority. By leveraging these platforms to share your content, you can effectively amplify your website’s presence and bolster your brand’s credibility. Additionally, content syndication plays a vital role in enhancing your search engine ranking, thus elevating your online visibility. 

This blog serves as an introduction to content syndication, delving into several key areas: the advantages, the influence on SEO, and leading platforms. 

How Can Content Syndication Support Your Marketing Efforts

Let’s start by exploring the advantages of content syndication. By leveraging syndication, you can achieve a wide range of goals, such as driving traffic to your website through SEO or paid search, building a user base for your product, or generating leads. Additionally, content syndication can provide several other benefits, including: 

  • Receiving quality backlinks to your site, which can improve your website authority. 
  • Increased traffic to your website, which can lead to enhanced online presence and higher brand messaging and sentiment. 
  • Capturing leads from a wider audience, which can help you grow your business. 

The Intersection of SEO and Content Syndication Networks

Content syndication offers numerous benefits through SEO, including improved search engine visibility, backlink generation, and domain authority elevation. However, duplicate content penalties can potentially harm your search engine rankings, making it crucial to distribute your content correctly and efficiently across all syndication channels. 

Producing excellent content is essential before embarking on any SEO content syndication efforts. Fortunately, modern content creation tools such as AI-powered writing assistants or content ideation platforms can assist in generating engaging and high-quality content that resonates with your target audience. 

After creating great content, you can use any content syndication platform to promote it. There are several syndication platforms available today, each with its unique strengths and weaknesses. 

Top 14 Content Syndication Platforms

If you’re looking for a comprehensive list of the top-rated content syndication platforms, you’ve come to the right place. Here are 14 platforms you should be aware of as you think about your strategy.  

Infographic Syndication

Infographics and charts are ideal for syndication because they’re highly visual and shareable. By submitting visual content to a community center, you can create a profile for your customers and encourage readers to embed your infographic or chart on their own websites using the provided embedded code. 

To create stunning charts and presentations with ease, you can use syndication networks such as Piktochart, Venngage, and These platforms offer built-in templates and intuitive drag-and-drop editors that make it easy to create visually appealing content. 

But infographics aren’t the only type of visual content you can create. Landing pages are another great way to showcase your products or services with high-quality visuals. Tools like Unbounce make it easy to create visually impressive landing pages with their drag-and-drop page builder and customizable templates. You can even add pop-ups and sticky bars to increase your lead generation efforts. 

Video Syndication

For digital video publishers, having a solid distribution strategy is crucial. Video syndication platforms such as YouTube and Ooyala offer the best distribution methods for interacting with distribution partners. 

However, syndication alone isn’t enough. To maximize views and engagement, you need to optimize your videos for search and discoverability. VidIQ is a content marketing platform that can help with this. It provides keyword research, competitor analysis, and video performance tracking. It also alerts you to trending topics so you can create relevant videos and increase your audience. 

LinkedIn (Freemium) 

LinkedIn is a powerful platform for generating potential customers and building brand awareness. It offers both paid and free content syndication opportunities, making it one of the top syndication networks. Paid syndication options include InMail, sponsored content, and dynamic display ads. 

Medium (Free) 

Medium is an open platform that allows users to publish content, photos, audio, and video. It’s a place for readers to discover dynamic thinking and for experts and unknown voices to share their writing on any topic. The Medium platform is free to use, and anyone can sign up. Writers can create stand-alone posts or contribute to publications of curated stories or create publications of their own. On this platform, users can comment and discuss original and syndicated content. 

Slideshare (Free) 

Slideshare, a LinkedIn alliance network, offers diverse content spanning numerous professional fields. Users can exchange informative and educational demos and presentations. As one of the top 100 most-visited websites globally, SlideShare boasts over 18 million files across 40 categories. Over 80 million professionals rely on Slideshare to acquire expert knowledge on a wide range of topics.

Quora (Free) 

Quora serves as a platform for business owners and professionals to showcase their expertise in particular fields. By answering questions posed by others, they can enhance their professional profile and personal branding. Quora facilitates connections between individuals seeking knowledge and those who can provide unique insights and high-quality answers to their questions. 

Outbrain (Paid) 

Outbrain is a content marketing platform that provides advertising on large sites like CNN, People, and ESPN. With approximately 557 million monthly users, it helps brands monitor audience insights and generate revenue while knowing and reaching target audiences. 

Taboola (Paid) 

Taboola is a content discovery platform that provides local placement on top sites. Publishers and marketers can use its technology to distribute content to attract users and generate revenue from traffic. With personalized content offered to 1 billion users a month, Taboola is also one of the top syndication networks. 

Scoop.It (Paid) has emerged as an essential resource for businesses and professionals to share content. In the current landscape of social media and SEO, content plays a crucial role in boosting online presence, establishing expertise, and attracting new clients and customers.

StumbleUpon (Free) 

StumbleUpon is a popular syndication network that allows you to bookmark your favorite sites, follow people and interests, and publish content. You can also browse popular trend articles, photos, and videos and create lists of your favorite pages. StumbleUpon also provides paid discovery systems for advertisers.

Tumblr (Free)

Tumblr features a dashboard that presents users with a real-time feed of blogs they follow, enabling seamless interaction with the posts. This centralized space for all activities streamlines content management and filtering, making the user experience highly convenient. 

Audio Syndication

Audio content boasts high engagement rates, and platforms like SoundCloud and iTunes enable marketers to syndicate their podcasts. By leveraging audio or radio campaigns, you can target specific demographics at a cost-effective rate. Regardless of your client’s target audience, there is a station that can cater to their needs. 


Reddit, a cornerstone of global popular culture, features diverse and extensive communities, enabling it to engage numerous individuals daily. With subreddits dedicated to various topics such as philosophy, languages, coding, and countless others, it serves as a vibrant hub for discussions and information-sharing, making it an excellent platform for content syndication. 

Facebook Business (Freemium)

Facebook Business is a comprehensive platform that allows businesses and organizations to raise awareness, drive demand, and promote sales through a variety of paid and free resources. Facebook Business Pages provide customers with key information about your business, products, services, and upcoming events. 

Final Thoughts

Content syndication is a powerful way to enhance your website’s visibility and brand reputation. By sharing your content on third-party platforms, you can also improve your search engine optimization and drive organic traffic to your site. 

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