Dimensions of Demand Gen: 2024 B2B Marketing Report


The state of demand gen.

We surveyed 1,500 B2B marketers from around the world to better understand the modern B2B marketer and the state of the demand gen industry. This research uncovered new and emerging industry trends and helped establish some new benchmarks for 2024.

This report will explore key questions like:

  • What demand gen strategies are working?
  • How are marketers interacting with third-party vendors?
  • How are marketers using data to enhance demand gen strategies?
  • How are marketers measuring and evaluating ROI of demand gen tactics?

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DoDG Dashboard Header Image

The 2024 State of Demand Gen Dashboard.

All of the research and data that went into our Dimensions of Demand Gen Report, now available to you in our interactive dashboard. Try out the dashboard and discover key findings and insights, all at your fingertips.