The 2024 State of Demand Gen

Do you struggle to connect brand and demand? Are leads actually making it to sales colleagues? Similarly, marketers are making great strides in building data-driven strategies, but all too often this insight isn’t shared widely enough, particularly among their demand gen vendors.

We surveyed 1,500 B2B marketers from around the world to better understand the modern B2B marketer and the state of the demand gen industry. This research uncovered new and emerging industry trends and helped establish some new benchmarks for 2024. Join this exclusive webinar, where Digitalzone's director of demand generation, Drew Flowerday and Marketing Beat's Morag Cuddeford Jones, will dive into the key insights from this research and discuss how these market trends are impacting organisations.

This session will explore key areas such as:

  • What demand gen strategies are working – and which aren’t?
  • How are marketers interacting with third party vendors?
  • How are marketers using data to enhance relationships and demand gen strategies?
  • Best practice in measuring and evaluating ROI of demand gen tactics. 

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