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Digitalzone is coming to a city near you to educate, engage, and empower your team. Select from one of our industry topics and engage in a roundtable style event with our experts, positioning your team at the forefront of industry insights.  

Each event consists of a 1.5-hour session led by Digitalzone subject matter experts right at your office, complete with a catered lunch. Let's turn your space into a hub of learning and innovation. 

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The 2024 State of Demand Gen.

Digitalzone surveyed 1,500 B2B marketers from around the world to better understand the modern B2B marketer and the state of the demand gen industry. This research uncovered new and emerging industry trends and helped establish some new benchmarks for 2024.

Dive into the key insights from this research and discuss how these market trends are impacting organizations.

Navigating the New Millennial B2B Buyer.

The workforce has seen a significant shift in the last 5 years. Today 71% of B2B buyers are Millennial or younger which has huge implications for your marketing strategy. What does it take to appeal to this new generation of buying committee and how do you stay ahead?

Explore the ever-growing research on the generational shift and discuss how to best evolve to stay true to your brand, while adapting to a new buyer.

Eliminating Guesswork from Demand Gen.

Stop wasting time, spend, and energy on ineffective marketing campaigns and start driving real revenue. We’ll show you how to leverage the power of data to interrogate goals and make smarter lead generation plans in 2024.

Learn practical approaches to identify and activate for your ideal customer profile, target audience, and ABM lists. Along with advanced techniques for eliminating guesswork from your marketing efforts and maximizing ROI.


Sip, savor, & connect.

Each event will have the option to wrap up the day with networking and a dinner hosted by Digitalzone. A great time to unwind and connect with colleagues and friends.

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