TATA Communications Adapts Growth through Crisis

Digitalzone's data-driven strategies fueled TATA Communications growth by generating quality leads during the global pandemic.

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Marketing hurdles in the pandemic.

TATA Communications faced the challenge of effectively reaching its target audience, driving sales, and generating high-quality leads amid the pandemic.

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Revamping audience targeting.

Digitalzone employed data-driven solutions to overcome TATA Communications' marketing challenges during the pandemic. By focusing on accurate targeting, delivering high-quality leads, and leveraging in-depth market analysis, Digitalzone enhanced customer engagement and accelerated TATA's sales pipeline growth.

Their customized marketing strategies across key geographical regions generated high-quality leads and utilized demand generation expertise to align marketing and sales efforts, resulting in a more robust market presence amidst a rapidly changing global landscape.


Performance highlights.

Effective Campaign Performance
With 17 campaigns executed, the email marketing efforts resulted in a 19.34% open rate, 9.45% click rate, and a low 1.02% unsubscribe rate.

Robust Lead Generation
Digitalzone's partnership with TATA Communications generated 432 high-quality leads, fueling significant growth.

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Navigating uncertainty, achieving growth.

Through adaptable marketing strategies and data-driven solutions, Digitalzone has empowered TATA Communications to thrive despite pandemic challenges. As the company moves forward, our partnership continues to support their ongoing expansion and success.

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We know how to get targeting right.

We deliver high-quality leads that are thoroughly vetted for accuracy, ensuring that your message reaches the right audience at the right time.

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