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What your business is missing without content syndication.

Published on 28 March, 2024 | Author: Digitalzone

Picture this – personalized content hits your audience at every stage of their journey, boosting your authority, and spreading the word about your brand. Meet your new secret weapon: Waterfall content syndication. Crafted with precision, we deliver top-notch MQLs and lead journey data designed to seamlessly engage your leads at every stage of the funnel.  

Only 3% of your target audience is going to be in the market for your product at any given time. What about the other 97%?    

Waterfall gives you short-term wins and long-term investments in your buyers – whether they are active buyers, active learners, or top-of-funnel leads. Waterfall isn’t just a strategy – it’s your ticket to more flexibility, more options, and, most importantly, more wins in lead gen. 

Personalization, personalization, and more personalization.

When it comes to personalization, Waterfall takes the lead by delivering highly engaging and tailored content throughout a full-funnel syndication campaign.  

In today’s consumer landscape, individuals crave a sense of being uniquely recognized and understood. 

Waterfall’s approach of offering personalized content at every stage of the customer journey not only meets this expectation but with lead journey data in-hand, you can craft meaningful post-campaign segments based on firmographics and content engagement to curate a more personalized nurture experience. 

Data that matters.

Waterfall keeps collecting unique engagement data at all touchpoints consumers interact with, and all that data pinpoints where buyers are in their journey and strategizes their next move. No more waiting on a candidate to convert when they’re still in the exploration stage.  

The data provided by Waterfall examines the audience’s engagement, identifies opportunities, and guides nurture campaigns by delivering valuable content the audience is actively searching for. What results is an abundance of information capable of helping you develop a strategy for lead conversions down the road.  

A sales strategy for the modern age. 

Welcome to 2024, where the B2B landscape is undergoing a transformation, with peer reviews and market prominence taking center stage.  

Leverage the power of Waterfall Content Syndication to strategically showcase your content across various platforms, expanding your reach and aligning your brand with organizations trusted by your potential customers. When your content finds a home on reputable third-party sites, it transforms from merely yours to endorsed content, working to instill buyer confidence in your product. 

And here’s the SEO scoop: Waterfall is your secret weapon. With more people relying on search terms, the invaluable backlinks and views generated from your syndicated content become the key to elevating your search status. This not only leads to immediate wins but also establishes a solid foundation for long-term investments in your website’s authority. In the digital age, it’s not just about content; it’s about strategic visibility and building a lasting online presence. 

If you’re not using Waterfall, WYD? 

Ultimately, if you’re not using Waterfall content syndication, you’re losing out on your 97%. Without content syndication, you’re a step behind on building authority, broadening brand awareness, and delivering actionable data to help develop nurture strategies