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Waterfall content syndication’s impact on B2B sales.

Published on 22 March, 2024 | Author: Digitalzone

It’s time to go chasing those waterfalls — or, at least, Waterfall Content Syndication.  

Waterfall is a turnkey solution that first understands your audience through extensive research, then engages them with tailor-made content and strategic advertising campaigns through all stages of their buyer’s journey. Say that 5 times fast. 

If you think waterfall is another single-touch content campaign – think again. Take ten minutes and if we don’t convince you that Waterfall is the way to win in 2024 – you can stick to single-touch content tactics and we won’t say anything. 

Diving deeper into Waterfall  

Waterfall delivers high quality MQLs, and lead journey data artfully crafted to help you engage with leads at every stage of the funnel. How does that compare to other strategies? 

Traditional content syndication strategies like Single-Touch campaigns have dominated the demand gen marketplace. They are simple, fast, easy to set up, and can quickly generate leads. Sometimes, simple isn’t always better.  

Consistency is better. Personalization is better. Opting for progress and building relationships vs. betting all your chips on one single touch is… you guessed it. Better. That’s what Waterfall offers.  

Waterfall delivers valuable content to audiences via full-funnel syndication campaigns that feature highly engaging and personalized content while focusing on multiple touches. 

Flowing through the B2B sales funnel 

Let’s take it back now, ya’ll. We can’t talk about Waterfall without diving into the stages of the B2B sales funnel.  

  1. Awareness: Help your customer become aware of their pain point or want by marketing what you’ve got — anything from social media to blog posts or YouTube videos. 
  2. Interest: As customers move to the next stage, they begin to look for products or solutions that help them with what they need. 
  3. Decision: Then begins the decision stage, where prospects try to decide if your offering is best for them.
  4. Action: Self-explanatory. Customers act. Hopefully with your org.

With Waterfall Demand you get a cascade of lead types. These leads arrive with unique data that can help you better understand where leads are at in their journey and how to meaningfully engage to move them down the funnel towards action. 

Only 3% of your target audience is going to be in the marketer for your product at any given time, so your ability to prioritize the accounts on your ABM list is critical. With waterfall, you get insights into which accounts are active buyers, active learners, or top-of-funnel leads. 

Are you ready for Personalized lead nurture at scale?

Single-Touch and other traditional content syndication campaigns usually target customers at one stage of the sales journey instead of maximizing their relationships.  

Waterfall offers tailored content at every stage of the buyer’s journey. With Waterfall lead journey data in-hand, you can craft meaningful post-campaign segments based on firmographics and content engagement to curate a more personalized nurture experience. 

By creating tailored content that speaks directly to customers at each stage, you’ll build trust and authority with your potential customers, and they’ll be more likely to choose your product or service when it’s time to make a purchase.  

With a full-funnel approach, Waterfall Demand is guaranteed to deliver on your lead goals, but also provides insights into brand awareness  

Use the data pool at the base of Waterfall 

Waterfall generates more data points to help qualify your leads. Use this data to learn about your readers and create better-tailored content. Compared to other content syndication approaches, Waterfall provides a multi-dimensional view of your customer journey data, examining every angle from conversion to inactivity. 

Waterfall’s ability to analyze and provide actionable customer journey data can help you more effectively support lead nurture programs and avoid investing time and money on the wrong leads. Use this benefit to your advantage and lean into flexibility, adapt to change, and get your nurture on.