Watch Alert: Top 4 Marketing Trends For B2B In 2022

Top 4 Marketing Automation Trends

Even though we have some way to go in 2022, the world is on its way to making a full recovery from the pandemic and what it was like in 2021.

Covid forced global brands to test and shift their perspectives on marketing in the last two years.

One industry that has grown well, despite the odds, is Marketing Automation.

This is in response to an increasing demand from businesses all over the world to improve their ability to engage and keep their users.

This demand was fueled by the fact that marketing automation software was becoming more affordable.

Here is a look at 4 trends in marketing automation for the year 2022.

The market for marketing automation software is anticipated to continue expanding at an annual rate of 8.55% going forward through 2022, which would result in a market valuation of US$ 6.4 billion by 2024.

Reports suggest that more than 55% of businesses have already used some form of marketing automation.

More than 58 percent of businesses have it on their radar to implement.

The year 2022 will be all about creating unique interactive experiences that add value to the evolved, super-connected, always-online consumer, and marketing automation will be the driving force behind it all.

This blog outlines
  1. Marketing Automation Will Gain Momentum
  2. The King Of The Hill Will Be Personalised Content
  3. Machine Learning + Ai-Assisted Platforms= Intelligent Marketing Automation
  4. Applying Predictive Clv (Customer Lifetime Value) In Lifecycle Marketing
  5. Conclusion

Now, without further ado, let’s take a look at the top trends that will have a significant impact.

#1. Marketing Automation Will Gain Momentum

The growth of marketing automation in 2022 is clearly highlighted by the statistics above.
And it is due to a very simple explanation.

An increasing number of marketers are beginning to realise the value and potential of marketing automation, which is causing them to increase their investment in MarTech.

The Advantage: The number of companies selling marketing automation software increased by 27% in 2018, indicating rising market demand.

Email Monday expects that marketing automation investment would skyrocket to $25.1 billion annually by 2023.

According to the report, 75% of marketing professionals already use at least one type of marketing automation tool.

To compete with market leaders, other businesses can emulate these strategies.

This is one reason why marketing automation has come to be recognised as an essential tool for improving bottom-line growth.

Marketing automation will be difficult to implement as long as some decision-makers are unsure about the concept.

This will make the process more difficult.

Some marketers still believe marketing automation platforms are difficult to master, complex and require constant upkeep.

#2. The King of the Hill will be Personalised Content

It should not come as any surprise that people want personalised content in this day and age.

The vast majority of the brand communications you receive will not be personalised, despite the fact that you receive them from various brands.

And when you take a look at the numbers that support it you’ll have a hard time understanding why this is the case.

In the year 2022, context will become an increasingly important factor in the growth of businesses.

Consumers are putting increasing pressure on brands to provide them with experiences that are relevant to their needs.

They expect companies to be aware of their preferences and make thoughtful product recommendations – this is based on their experiences with some of the best brands across categories.

For example, Amazon’s one-click checkout became the standard and expectation for all ecom checkouts.

The Advantage: Customers can be profiled using social listening, user attributes, on-site behaviour, and previous purchase data.

Personalization, hyper-personalization, and predictive recommendations can all benefit from customer preferences and buying habits.

In order for a brand’s retention marketing efforts to be successful, personalised content will be an essential component.

It can help brands increase their customer loyalty index, preventing them from losing business to competitors.

The real challenge will be scaling hyper-personalised marketing campaigns to reach large numbers of users.

Online businesses will benefit greatly from marketing automation platforms that can collect user data at multiple touchpoints.

#3. Machine Learning + AI-assisted platforms= Intelligent Marketing Automation

Predictive Personalization will be the Marketing Automation’s rainbow in 2022.

Both Netflix and Starbucks already use AI and machine learning to create hyper-personalised user experiences for their customers.

Their continued growth proves that predictive personalization is the future.

The Advantage: In the year 2022, marketers will begin to employ machine learning techniques in the process of content creation.

The effectiveness of the engagement will be improved thanks to the combined efforts of machine learning and data.

Machine Learning systems rely on user and behavioural data as soon as a user clicks on an advertisement.

As the user progresses in the life cycle, this data will be enriched in subsequent campaigns and touchpoints.

There will be more automation of user behaviour, online activity, speech and language patterns using technologies like Natural Language Processing and Deep Learning in the coming years.

The search for a comprehensive and commercially viable AI & ML solution continues.

Larger companies can afford to build their own systems, while smaller companies will have to wait for simplified plug-and-play systems.

#4. Applying Predictive CLV (Customer Lifetime Value) in Lifecycle Marketing

According to Forbes, companies that can provide their customers with satisfying and engaging experiences will have higher conversion and retention rates.

Users are less likely to make additional purchases if they feel their customer service experience was subpar.

The Advantage: As users’ needs and preferences change in real time, companies will seek to better meet their changing needs and preferences.

Firms will increasingly try to understand their customers’ online behaviour, including how they transact, browse, and buy products.

In the future, companies will try to optimise their advertising budgets based on actual customer revenue.

The ability to create highly targeted marketing campaigns at a cost that does not exceed the perceived value of each user subset is enabled by advanced segmentation.

The software analyses user attributes, behaviour patterns, and previous purchases to create highly accurate user profiles. It can then be calculated.

The most difficult aspect of this endeavour will be obtaining consistent data, especially for larger businesses that operate in multiple markets and product categories.

It is also difficult to forecast metrics like revenue and cost that can impact the outcome if mathematical errors are present in the calculations.

#5. Let’s Recap!

In 2022, the goal will be to create unique interactive experiences that add value to the evolved, always-online consumer.

Marketing automation software is expected to grow at an annual rate of 8.55 percent through 2022.

Marketing automation is now recognised as a critical tool for increasing revenue.

In 2022, marketers will start using machine learning to create content.

The search continues for a comprehensive AI/ML solution.

Companies will seek to better meet users’ changing needs and preferences.

Advanced segmentation enables the creation of highly targeted marketing campaigns at a cost below the perceived value of each user subset.

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