Turning your business blog into a lead generation machine


Your blogs are great but, are you getting visitors? If yes, are you converting those visitors into leads? That’s the important stuff.

You don’t want people to just stumble on your blog and never come back. Nor do you want them to come, read and leave.

You want them to take action. This is the major goal of business blogging, after all.


These statistics clearly enunciate the importance of business blogging in generating leads. But don’t think you need to revamp everything in order to make your blog get you some high-quality leads. All you need to do is tweak your marketing strategies at the grassroots level to make it work for you. This is how-

1. Call to Action

Adding relevant CTAs can give your blogs a superpower.  You can keep it at the bottom of the posts guiding the visitors who have read the entire posts.

You can also include it on the top. The reason being, many of your visitors won’t go through the entire blog so when they find it on the top, it boosts the chances of conversions!

Your CTA must be compelling. The colors you use and the fonts you use play a much more important role in the purchasing process than you’d ever realize.

2. Make it Attractive

Designs have a great influence on our decision-making as buyers. Great design is what sticks out to us, grabs our attention and holds our focus. Make sure your blog posts, CTAs, and other promotional pieces look appealing to your readers.

If you want your blogs to generate leads, you don’t only need to provide value but also have to focus immensely on improving customer experience.


Source- Pinterest

3. Retargeting

A huge chunk of your blog traffic won’t be converted in the first time. This makes retargeting all the more important.

You need to target your blog readers again, sending them a reminder that reignites their interest. Share with them something that they would be interested in and catches their eye.

4. Audience Based Content

What do your prospects want to know? What interests them? What drives them to take action?  Now make your blogging strategy all about it.

You can’t just write about what you want to say. Your content has to be tailored for your audience, fitting their needs the best. Your entire marketing should, in fact, take an audience-first approach.


Source- Hubspot

5. Creative Promotion

You don’t get enough time to impress your audience. Use interactive chatbots that promote your services and other pieces of content. You can always link top-converting blogs with other blog posts wherever it makes sense.

We as marketers put so much time and effort into creating content. It’s time we let make the blog do the promotion work!

Wrapping It Up!

Your blogs are impactful because they convey the brand voice and the message you want to give to your audience.  A business blog is a marketing channel that sells without making it look like selling and, what’s the better way to sell than that?