The Successful Intent-Based Marketing Guide (With Strategies) For The Far-Reaching B2B Marketer

The Successful Intent-Based Marketing Guide


What is intent-based marketing, and how can your B2B firm use it? Read our eBook to obtain the whole advice on how to start using it correctly!

When is the ideal moment to sell to buyers? This is a perpetual dilemma that B2B marketers perpetually grapple with. Leads, customers, prospects, however you want to address them, often want to purchase. Sometimes, they don’t know that they have a problem, and on occasion they are not aware of a solution—or your solution. A lead can be at any given (customer journey) stage when you spot them—or when they enter your marketing funnel. The longer your B2B sales cycle, however, the greater the likelihood that your leads will lose heat and lean toward other solutions.

Intent data addresses these issues by providing enlightening insights into your prospects’ online activity. Intent data enables you to ascertain the degree of interest leads harbor, and when their desire to buy is at has crescendoed. You may target prospects at the beginning of their buying journey; after all, 83% of B2B customers conduct fairly thorough research before they make a purchase commitment. Reaching out at this moment can shuffle the cards in your favor.

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