The Role of Account-Based Referrals and Advocacy in ABM And How to Leverage Customer Relationships to Reach New Accounts

The Role of Account-Based Referrals and Advocacy in ABM


Definition of account-based marketing (ABM) and its focus on targeted, personalised campaigns for specific accounts

Account-based marketing (ABM) is a targeted marketing approach that focuses on specific accounts rather than broad segments of the market. In ABM, marketing efforts are tailored to the needs and interests of specific accounts and are typically highly personalised. The goal of ABM is to create a seamless, consistent experience for targeted accounts across all touchpoints and channels, including online, social media, and in-person interactions. ABM typically involves aligning the efforts of the marketing, sales, and customer service teams to deliver a cohesive, integrated experience for targeted accounts. (Read “Become an account based marketer: 5 steps to getting started with account-based marketing” for the full picture).

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