The Do’s & Don’ts For A Successful Webinar

The Do’s & Don’ts For A Successful Webinar

Webinars are interactive seminars held live over the internet. Companies usually use it to build their brands by engaging with the target audience, clearing doubts of the consumer and many other such activities. A webinar captures 3 different factors such as the audience, the audio, and the virtual experience of interacting with a brand. However, a webinar is slightly different from a webcast. A webinar may host a session with an online audience whereas, in a webcast, the presence of a physical audience is also needed.

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Webinars initiated through conference web calling back in the May 1996 through a portal named NetMeeting. Back then, the options to communicate and collaborate with international clients were limited. The software allowed users to communicate in real-time with overseas clients offering services like data-conferencing capabilities and multiuser application sharing. That is how webinars came to inception.

A study shows, 86% of the world population invests time in watching videos. Therefore, it was a strategic call for the brands to utilize this information for the use of lead generation and brand promotion. That is why webinars also serve as a PR element for a brand.  It is also observed that audience who are genuinely interested in a particular product or service is the only one trying to engage with the brand, that is where webinars help reach the target audience.

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Since webinars hold a strong value proposition, it is ideal to understand the basic do’s and don’ts of a webinar. A brand that follows no guidelines may hamper the brand image. Therefore, to create a lasting impression through a webinar, a brand must follow the following guidelines:

Always remember, webinars aren’t simply just done to interact with people. They act as a medium where the audience can interact with the brand and there the webinar must educate the people about the brand and it’s offerings. Like William Butler Yeats said “Education is not the filling of a pail, but the lighting of a fire”, similarly a well-hosted webinar holds the capacity to attract more audience by recommendation.

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