The Best Intent-Based Marketing Tools for your B2B Business

Intent-Based Marketing Tools

B2B marketers are competing against a lot of noise and competition in the market. The internet is a distracting place, and if you cannot hold your audience’s attention, you will definitely have a low sales volume.

But the great part of the internet is that you can precisely target the customers when they are searching for solutions provided by your business.

Buyer intent tools help you research the actual buyer journey and plan your intent-based marketing campaigns. With the right tool, you can personalize the customer journey to give them exactly what they want at the right time.

On that note, let’s discuss — buyer intent tools that you must definitely try if you are planning to implement intent-based marketing campaigns.

1) Zoominfo

Zoominfo combines the most comprehensive business database that can help you plan your B2B intent-based marketing campaigns. Zoominfo provides solutions that bring together marketing and sales teams. The features include territory planning, lead scoring, sales prospecting, conducting targeted outreach, and more.

2) Priority Engine

Priority Engine helps you with direct, real-time access to prospects that are online searching for solutions. Along with this, it helps organizations to improve ABM performance, enhance sales experience, and scale demand generation marketing campaigns.

3) Bombora

Bombora is the best tool for B2B organizations. It identifies which businesses are currently researching the solutions related to your business and the intensity of their efforts. It scores your prospects which helps the B2B sales and marketing teams to prioritize their lead generation efforts.

4) Terminus ABM Platform

Terminus ABM platform gives you a 360-degree view of your customers and helps you measure the impact of your ABM campaigns in terms of engagement and revenue. It serves as an end-to-end solution to launch full-fledged ABM campaigns with multi-platform strategies, activating sales reporting with accurate data.

5) Lead Forensics

Lead forensic helps B2B businesses interact with customers right when they are engaging with the digital properties. It identifies who your customers are, what stage they are currently in, and what solutions they are looking at. Lead forensics provides the most valuable insights about the prospects visiting your website. All data is rigorously cleansed and goes through an intensive verification process.

6) Slintel

Slintel goes one step ahead in terms of planning your intent-based marketing journey by analyzing the buying behavior, buying pattern, digital footprints, and sales intelligence. They have a database of more than 15 million organizations and 180 million decision-makers across the world.

7) KickFire

Usually, only 2% of website visitors convert into leads. KickFire helps you tap the potential of the other 98% of your audience. It helps you target buyers early in the buying process, giving you the opportunity to create trust and boost sales.

8) RollWorks Account-Based Platform

Powered by machine learning and artificial intelligence, RollWorks account-based platform is the best B2B ABM platform. It allows you to identify your target audience, target them with digital ads, automate sales and measure the effectiveness of your campaigns.

9) Zymplify

This tool is best for those who are just starting with intent-based marketing. Zymplify helps you find out the contact information of those who have shown an interest in your business. It allows you to create a customized sales pipeline with follow-up steps to track all your inbound leads. Social media automation helps you connect all your social media handles and schedule posts.

10) PureB2B

PureB2B is a web-based demand generation platform that also helps businesses with content syndication. Intent-based marketing is mostly implemented across multiple channels and sometimes includes content syndication and ABM campaigns. PureB2B helps you facilitate such multi-platform intent marketing campaigns.


Before you buy any of these tools, make sure you are well-versed with all your intent-based marketing requirements. All these tools are great but some might fit better than the other. Intent-based marketing campaigns are all about providing context to your customers. So the tool you choose must be able to do that for your customers.