Secret Techniques To Improve Your Social Promotions For Sharper ABM Results


As we step into 2022 and revisit account-based marketing (ABM), we have to contend with the proliferation of ABM tools flooding the market.

The demand for ABM has nudged experts to hold ABM seminars, attracting hordes of enthusiasts and professionals who want to master the new art.

Most marketers use social media platforms to monitor the latest trends and be on their toes to spot emerging ones.

ABM seems to be a growing blip on most marketers’ radars these days.

This blog covers social media tactics that you can put to use in your account-based marketing strategy.

You can skip to a part that interests you most, but we recommend the old-fashioned way, there’s a lot you can learn here.

  1. The purpose of social media
  2. Develop a comprehensive content strategy
  3. Focus on real users
  4. Observe and understand your target audience
  5. Build better personas and target account profiles
  6. Write and promote authentic, relevant content
  7. Take a personal approach
  8. Use paid social channels for account-based marketing

What is the purpose of social media account-based marketing?

FlipMyFunnel claims:
Companies which use account-based marketing produce 208 percent more income from their marketing efforts. 

Would you believe us if we told you these numbers could be enlarged considerably by ABM-targeted social campaigns?

ABM prioritizes developing connections and customer loyalty.

Social media can be the bow to the ABM arrow. To be more particular, you can use social connection platforms to:

  1. Pin-point those who make decisions
  2. Identify the source of their pains, or problems
  3. Provide necessary data in a manner that they understand and are happy to accept
  4. Motivate them to take the desired action

There are various tactics and recommendations that you may implement to educate better and build your social media account-based marketing approach.

We cover most of them in this blog.

Develop a comprehensive content strategy

Copywriting is only the first mile in the marathon, but it’s important in many ways.

If you don’t have exceptional material that corresponds with your buyer personas, it would be wise to turn around and dig up some information on your buyer persona.

Use a template to get started with personas.

Next, align your content to the persona by following the steps outlined in the following section.

While connecting with your target accounts, ascertain that you have a comprehensive database of information to draw from.

Look for and study sites that provide valuable details on creating mind-blowing strategies for your copywriting campaigns.

Glad we haven’t lost you yet. 

Keep reading to understand how you observe and know your audience.

We will also dissect social media management and how to craft your social media content strategy.

Focus on Real Users

Finding the right individuals who make decisions using social media might be painful, but it can pay off very well.

There are techniques that you can use to make this task easier:

  1. Get hold of a target list that you can use
  2. Use B2B sales, or lead prospecting tools
  3. Or try using LinkedIn, where you can browse the target or company’s business profile on LinkedIn and assemble a list to target. Then use DropContact, or to prise out their emails.

Start with a list of existing customers, or that obtained from sources above, to create a Look Alike List on FB.

Test this list, along with other targeting options in FB, to arrive at users who are the best audience for you.

Once you have managed to create such a list, track people on the list via Facebook, Instagram, and any other social media network where they spend time.

You’re done with the heavy lifting. You can now move on to the easy bits.

Observe and Know Your Target Personas

Deep diving into profiles on social media uncovers insightful data, which in turn, allows you to better understand decision-takers.

Speaking of data, there are some details that you need to focus on.

Turn your focus to the following data:

  1. What are they dissatisfied with?
  2. Who do they follow?
  3. How do they connect?
  4. Are they making use of hashtags?
  5. How is their audience interaction?
  6. What is the ‘word-of-mouth’ about their firm and offerings?

Monitor the Twitter streams that you build to pull in brand mentions and other vital insights.

Dive into your inbox streams to see all of the interactions and discussions that have taken place across all of the social media networks to which you have linked.

Using these methods, you will be able to quickly identify and also participate in topics that customers care to talk about.

With ABM, you can send relevant material to your audience while nurturing targeted connections.

Build And Improve Your Personas 

As you collect this data, keep a post-it note by your side, to pen vital insights that will burgeon as you go along.

This will help you filter buyer personas better and provide insights into important accounts in the future.

Keep in mind that you can’t just create a customer persona list and use it repeatedly for all time.

These are subject to change, and you’ll need to keep coming back to the list to add and omit information, as needed.

 Write and Promote Authentic, Relevant Content

According to The Marketing Blender, more than fifty percent of B2B buyers use Social Media to refine their buying decision.

This makes social media the right place to disseminate and leverage the information that your marketing team has collected.

Think twice before following the footsteps of lazy marketers who merely share boilerplate body content with links – your copy may come off just as irrelevant and off.

Instead, hone your content, as if you were speaking directly to your consumers.

Feel free to use links from your posts to help them in their quest for information.

Take the personal approach

Since we are talking about providing value on social media—engaging with target accounts from your enterprise’s Social Media Company and Page profile is what’s needed.

In light of all this, this would be an ideal moment to improve your private social media profiles as that too can be used for sharing and commenting.

Don’t forget to update your Twitter and LinkedIn accounts.

Your revamped profile should reinforce the communications – how you can add value to your clients and help them make better decisions, in your category.

Use paid social channels 

Your enterprise should be prepared to use all the resources to support its account-based marketing efforts.

It is crucial if you really want to leverage social media.

LinkedIn provides account targeting, enabling enterprises to target particular individuals or corporations, with the option to attach filters stacked on top of the list of people or companies you choose.

Terminus is an exemplary tool that will assist you in locating and targeting your audience.


The importance of social media cannot be underlined enough.

Now that you understand concepts like social media management and social media content strategy well, it’s your turn to chip in.

What strategies are you employing to assist your account-based marketing efforts on social media?

Do let us know in the comment section provided below.

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