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The secret to revolutionizing B2B lead gen: a proprietary database.

Published on 18 March, 2024 | Author: Digitalzone

The short of it. 

Leveraging a demand gen partner’s proprietary database enables you to specifically and uniquely target companies, prospects, and groups. 

The long of it. 

Businesses are constantly confronted with critical decisions regarding the databases they use to store and analyze their valuable information.  

Among the myriad options available among demand gen partners, proprietary databases like Digitalzone’s have emerged as a distinctive and powerful solution, setting themselves apart from demand gen agencies using third-parties and partner networks.  

There are numerous benefits of partnering with a vendor who offers and maintains a safe, secure, and healthy internal database. 

We’ve highlighted three here – but the benefits will keep coming. Let’s dive in deeper.  

Woah. What is a Proprietary Database? 

Proprietary databases are exclusive, closed-source systems built by a single entity for specific applications or use-cases. In contrast to third party-sourced data, proprietary databases are characterized by their unique schemas and functions, and often come with proprietary licenses. 

The advantages of having a partner with a proprietary database include its full range of capabilities, including automation and scalability. It’s also highly reliable and secure. 

Digitalzone’s proprietary database directly manages 100% of its leads, all of which have opted-in, rather than been acquired through partner networks. And because it owns its own database, Digitalzone has full control over [and command of] compliance with global and regional privacy laws.  

Now – back to those three major benefits. 

1. Data Quality and Quantity 

Businesses are inundated with vast amounts of data generated at an unprecedented pace. So, the dual pillars of data quality and quantity stand as critical factors influencing the efficacy of business decision-making, analytics and operational efficiency.  

Too much data can generate noise, while pristine and limited data can curb analytic exercises.  

One of the significant advantages of leveraging a demand gen partner’s proprietary database is the unique volume of the data set. If you’ve worked with lead gen vendors before, you’ve probably noticed that you see many of the same leads over and over again across campaigns. 

A (good) proprietary database should be able to offer a comparable audience or quality but with a fresh pool of potential leads for your business. 

Proprietary databases prioritize security, compliance, and utility while still upholding the quality and quantity that’s needed. This ensures that the data captured is not only abundant but also accurate and reliable.  

2. High-Quality Lead Capture and Data Analysis 

When analytics are powered by both data quality and quantity, it acts as a compass guiding businesses through the complex landscape of market trends and consumer behavior. Moreover, operational efficiency hinges on the ability to access and utilize the right data at the right time.  

Proprietary databases shine in lead capture and data analysis due to their tailored approach. By creating customized data models, these databases adapt to the specific needs of the business, enhancing the accuracy and relevance of insights drawn from the data. 

This is an especially big benefit of Digitalzone’s proprietary database — which includes more than 150 million unique business profiles — as it helps you target the accounts that are the highest priority to you, meaning you’re going after the right businesses every time. 

3. Enhanced ROI 

The direct ownership and control inherent in proprietary databases eliminate the need for intermediaries, resulting in a streamlined process that directly impacts ROI. By cutting out the middleman, businesses reduce costs associated with licensing fees, support, and integration, ultimately maximizing their ROI. 

Comparing Proprietary Databases with Other Database Types 

When making the decision between open-source databases and proprietary databases – consider these four major factors. 


Proprietary databases and open source require different resources to scale effectively – something you need to think about before committing to a DB. Scaling marketing with an open-source database means leveraging its adaptable nature, customizable features, collaborative community, innovation potential, and cost-effectiveness to accommodate growing marketing demands efficiently.  

Scaling marketing with a proprietary database = harnessing its tailored functionalities, dedicated support, streamlined integration, and comprehensive analytics to expand marketing efforts effectively. Choosing effectively means examining HOW you are going to scale – and weighing the pros/cons of each. 


When a company houses their own proprietary database, there’s naturally more control over the security and sourcing of your data than other databases. Choosing a prop database ensures that the parties involved in sharing data are only scoped to the controller and interested parties like clients (as compared to a network of sharing, buying, and selling). Securing software and procedures of the database gets more difficult as you add controlling parties. 1 is easiest, sure, but managing an open-source database with 100 “owners” means inconsistent security practices. 


While there is a cost in ensuring your proprietary database is properly managed and secured, costs are saved by foregoing partner networks that pass on the cost within their products. Since the middle party is cut out, savings are often put toward increasing the quality of the product or are passed directly onto the customer. 


The tailored nature of proprietary databases often results in more compliant, quality, and customized data with relevant outcomes for businesses, especially for industries where specific data nuances are critical. This can give proprietary databases a performance edge over partner networks and other multi-source solutions. solutions. 

Proprietary Databases Offer Quality AND Quantity 

In a digital world driven by data, it’s imperative that your leads and database sources help you make smart business decisions, but also that the data itself is high-quality and accurate. With a proprietary database like Digitalzone’s, you can have a safe, secure and healthy internal database segmented uniquely for your org.