Pete Lorenco

Sr Director, Demand Generation @ Alyce


What’s your favorite lead nurturing tactic?

Combining a cross-channel approach to nurture across a mix of paid social, ads, email, and, when appropriate, direct mail.

When it comes to inbound, how do you prefer to create and promote content?

Content creation: My preference is for the internal team to scope and create all content based on customer insights. Commonly though, the internal team will scope and outline a piece (for direction). But the assets are often written/designed by an outside resource.

Distribution: Based on knowing your audience, distributing content in alignment with where they hang out. Often use a mix of paid social, ads, communities, content syndication, organic social, influencers to share.

Do you think marketing and sales teams should decide the lead scoring criteria together?

Must be aligned on defining the target market and customer profile. Should you choose to use lead scoring, marketing though should own creation v sales (based on the above alignment) should be focused on selling.

Email drip campaigns or PPC, what works better for you?

Depends on goals. But my normal preference is email when I have built/have an audience that is likely to engage.

How do you measure your demand gen efforts?

  • Primary: Marketing qualified pipeline; Converted to Closed Won Revenue; inbound leads – demo/contact us
  • Secondary: scored leads/accounts and web traffic!