Marketo Case Study

Marketo Case Study

Marketo, an Adobe company, is one of the best marketing automation software companies in the world. Named a leader in CRM & Lead Management by Gartner, Marketo has one goal- to help marketers win.

Marketo has an unparalleled capability of innovating at a pace that’s needed to win in today’s ever-changing digital marketplace. The engagement economy (a brainchild of Marketo) is a term given for today’s era- where everything and everyone is connected. 

Digitalzone built brand awareness, delivering high-quality, top-of-the-funnel leads. This helped the Adobe Company considerably slash acquisition costs, increase engagement and accelerate pipeline. Since we provide complete visibility into leads or campaign effectiveness, Marketo could observe a clear-cut increase in asset value.

Digitalzone is a stickler for customer satisfaction, be it your clients or ours.