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LinkedIn Organic Marketing Strategies for B2B Businesses

LinkedIn Organic Marketing Strategies for B2B Businesses

LinkedIn is not just a business asset, it’s a bonanza! Building a powerful presence on LinkedIn should be something every B2B business should be striving for. Why? 90 million senior-level influencers and 63 million decision makers use LinkedIn. It really is the golden goose in the digital world. With over 500 million members, LinkedIn is the next huge thing for organic business reach as well as networking.

People these days tend to ignore and leave out messages and ads that seem promotional or not useful but they are interested in brands that provide value. This is where strong online presence stands out and gives the much sought-after competitive advantage that decides business success. Here is how you can leverage the world’s largest professional network to increase your brand awareness and reach-

1. #Hashtags

Are hashtags really that important on LinkedIn? For higher engagement and a greater reach, a definite yes! LinkedIn started hashtags to better segment and organize content. But more important than even using hashtags is their relevance. LinkedIn is a professional network and if you don’t get your hashtags right, it’s hard reaching a wider audience as hashtags help you reach members outside your network! You can also add hashtags in your comments on other people’s posts and updates to make your brand more discoverable. Just make sure your hashtags are germane and pertinent to your content and do not use too many of those.

Hashtags for LinkedIn Post
2. Effective Content Marketing

To succeed on any social platform now, you need a content marketing strategy and LinkedIn is no exception. It is imperative to stick to your industry or domain and provide useful information. With abundant content just a click away, it’s more important than ever to establish yourself as a thought leader and the go-to expert. There is no magic ingredient to make it perfect- the better your industry knowledge and the more value you provide, the better is your content. To make the most of your content marketing effort- Be consistent.

Content Marketing for Linkedin
3. Tell a story

Humans are drawn to stories and have been telling and listening to stories for millennia now. If you want people to connect to your brand, tell them a story! Forced marketing doesn’t get leads, storytelling does! This is what generates true engagement. Humans are inclined to see narratives where there are none because it can afford meaning to our lives—a form of existential problem-solving. Stories further validate the reasons they have to buy what you have to sell- in short, stories create demand.

Storytelling about your brand
4. Measure your performance

It’s highly crucial to measure your performance and success, not just to enhance it but to also understand what is working and what is not. Business growth is about productivity and efficiency and none of your efforts should go in vain. Profile views and search appearances can give you a vague idea about your LinkedIn marketing efforts. To know better, dive deeper. Get into analytics for CTR, engagement rate, referral traffic, impressions and social shares to measure and boost your performance.

Measure your performance
5. Optimization

Make sure you have completed your business profile on LinkedIn; every section needs to be completed for higher visibility. For B2B businesses, it’s extremely significant to add recommendations and endorsements. LinkedIn has character limits so keep your details within the limit, for example- 60 characters for name, 120 for headline and 2000 for summary! The next is changing or customizing your public profile URL for better ranking on SERPs. LinkedIn is a top-notch platform to build your professional network, leverage it well!Great marketing is not about scattered efforts, it’s about aligning your strategies and focusing on what works the best for your business. Among all the social media platforms, LinkedIn has time and again proven why it’s leading in the B2B industry. From building brand awareness to generating leads, LinkedIn does it all. Therefore, it’s important to not just use it as social platform but more like a business tool that drives results and organic growth.

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