LinkedIn Offers Free Marketing Certification Programme to Showcase your Marketing Skills


With digital marketing and audience-building skills in demand, LinkedIn has launched two new and free marketing certification programs. The programs help you learn about LinkedIn Ad tools and then earn a certification that you can display on your LinkedIn profile.

LinkedIn, the largest professional networking platform, is always adding features to its platform that enable individuals to highlight their specific skill set.

With this new certification program, you can showcase knowledge about LinkedIn Ad tools, which can get you ahead in your professional career.

The LinkedIn Certification Program

As noted, there are two certification programs offered by LinkedIn:

1) Fundamentals Certification: This program helps you demonstrate basic expertise in launching LinkedIn Ad campaigns and tactics. With this training, you can launch LinkedIn ad campaigns that drive results to your business. 

2) Marketing Strategy Certification (Intermediate): This program helps you demonstrate expertise in leveraging LinkedIn Ads for funnel strategies including, Brand awareness and lead generation. Once completed, you can utilize the full potential of LinkedIn’s marketing stack.

The process of earning certification through LinkedIn involves first going through the LinkedIn training modules and then taking the relevant certification exam. In the exam, you’ll have 60 minutes to answer 60 multiple-choice questions.

You can take the test up to 3 times, and the certification expires in 2 years.

If you pass the test, there is a process, following which you can highlight the certification on your LinkedIn profile.

Why Become a Certified LinkedIn Expert?

LinkedIn is a powerful platform for advertisers. If you are an experienced digital marketer, you likely aren’t a stranger to the expertise of LinkedIn’s ad platform.

If you are new to this domain, you are probably looking out for ways to learn. The ongoing digital revolution needs skilled marketers, and taking such certification programs sets you apart from the crowd. Several companies are looking for individuals that can increase ROI and reach through LinkedIn Ads. Getting certified enables you to showcase your expertise and knowledge of the best practices.


The LinkedIn certification is incredible for those looking to upskill in their profession.

The process is free, and you get three solid attempts to crack it. Even if you didn’t clear the exam, you still end up learning a lot.

As ecommerce and digital marketing skills have gained focus from the past year, it would be good to polish your skills for future opportunities.