Lead enrichment: what it is and why your sales team needs it


As a B2B business owner /sales person, is generating leads enough? And if not, what is the next step? What can significantly enhance sales quality?

Let us say you built a brilliant website, easy to use with great content. As a B2B marketer/business, you also created a campaign and learned how to generate leads. Also, let us say you followed our guide to ensure your outbound marketing also helps your inbound leads!

Now, the person interacted with your website and left an email address. What is next? Keep in mind 57% of research is happening before someone lands on your website. Also, B2B sales is an elaborate process. There is more than a single individual involved; the company behind that person has its challenge, its own culture, and its own methods. As we said earlier, the future of B2B sales is in the INTENT: THE FUTURE OF B2B MARKETING!

Lead Enrichment: B2B sales magic!

At this stage, lead enrichment can help you start the conversation with the right information and the right approach. Lead enrichment is a way to supply additional information (using sales and marketing automation tools) to understand the context of lead. The information includes company profile, available contact details, social media profiles, etc.

When you receive just an email, you cannot create a meaningful conversation. It is not easy to understand what this potential B2B customer is looking for. When your sales tool (CRM) or martech tool can “enrich” this lead, you can start thinking about what expectations this potential B2B customer may have; when you create the right approach, the chance of a conversion increases.


How to use lead enrichment effectively?

Is it possible to generate leads manually? Yes, it is. When you receive an email address, you can try searching for it in every known database; you can understand more about the owner of that email address. You can spend many hours on it. The question is – should you be spending so many hours on it?


How about using automation tools to help your sales staff be more productive in the same 40 hour week? Lead enrichment automation can make it easier.

B2B sales teams need to work on many aspects of sales. It’s time we make their work a bit easier.

Now, we are in no way stating that automation will take away all the efforts. There will be manual effort involved. But, the software is sophisticated enough to give you a meaningful start. It can give you relevant profiles, and then you can determine the lead quality. This reduces your time to connect with the lead as well as gives you an understanding of the stage of the lead in the buying process. Some software apps even have BANT framework-like rules built-in to the system for B2B sales teams.

Lead scoring from lead enrichment

Lead scoring from lead enrichment is a good way to qualify leads. Let us say a washing machine manufacturing company’s manager dropped her email address in your system. With your lead enrichment, you get to know that the manager is active on LinkedIn and has worked on technology automation. You know that the company making washing machines is requesting a demo for your software. Then using the lead enrichment, you can check the following:

  • To whom should you assign this lead?
  • Which segment of the market this lead belongs to?
  • Which sales region does it fall under?

You can see for yourself how beneficial it will be in nurturing the leads. With Account-based marketing, you can now prepare yourself for a much better offering based on potential B2B customer’s information. With Lead enrichment, you can decide where to place this lead in the buyer’s journey. When you are clear about the potential B2B customer intends, you are already ahead of others!

When you sort the lead based on their information, you give your sales and marketing team a significant boost.

List segmentation:

Email marketing is one of the most revered marketing tools. Especially in the B2B segment, with some excellent email campaigns comes a significant boost in the sales.

With lead enrichment, you can classify leads in different segments, which helps in driving potential B2B customer engagement up. A Mailchimp survey given below gives you an idea about how list segmentation can boost marketing.


Pro tip: 

 This section gives you some basic ideas to help you use lead enrichment effectively.

  1. Use short-forms with landing pages:
    a. Using short forms helps in enhancing potential customer engagement. This way, you can easily get started with lead enrichment while the potential B2B customer is right on your page!
  2. Use Chat options on the landing page:
    a. Rather than a form, including a chat option increases the chances of getting the valid lead.

Handing the baton to you:

Data can boost your sales and marketing teams’ productivity. However, how you implement lead enrichment is up to you. With each sector, there will be certain challenges to overcome. Also, lead enrichment in itself is not the goal. What you do once you have completed lead enrichment is what really matters! Without a great sales and marketing team alignment, it will not be easy to have the sales boost you are looking for.

So, how do you plan to enrich your leads? What are the challenges you face while implementing lead enrichment? Connect with us or leave a comment below!