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The journey game-changer: the supercharging powers of customer insights in B2B marketing.

Published on 26 October, 2023 | Author: Digitalzone

The world we live in is rapidly getting gobbled up by a growing digital landscape. 

In this landscape, B2B buyers demand personalized and relevant interactions with brands. And those interactions can really only happen with the help of our binary buddy, data. Customer journey insights aren’t just data; they’re the North Star guiding your demand generation into 2024 and beyond. 

Why customer journey insights matter

First, a brief history lesson on the importance of consumer insights courtesy of one of the world’s most iconic brands. 

Coca-Cola & The Perils of Ignoring Emotional Connection  

In the 1980s, Coca-Cola was the cola king. But over time, scrappy ol’ PepsiCo emerged as a strong competitor. In a move to stay ahead in the soda wars, Coca-Cola decided to reformulate their flagship soda and launched “New Coke.” 

The problem? They underestimated the emotional attachment consumers had to the original taste. The release of New Coke led to outrage, protests, and a tidal wave of bad PR. The gamble failed and Coke was left no choice but to hit Ctl+Z and act like New Coke never happened. But the damage was done; PepsiCo’s market share increased significantly as soda drinks soured on Coca-Cola. 

Here’s the rub: Customers weren’t just buying Coke for the taste; it was about the memories and experiences they associated with the brand. 

This parable underscores the critical importance of understanding your customers’ emotional connection to your brand.

Why customer journey insights matter in B2B demand gen

Customer journey insights offer several key marketing benefits. Here are five ways consumer insights can amp up your marketing efforts.  

  1. Personalization: Understand your customers’ journey to create highly personalized marketing messages. B2B buyers, like Coca-Cola drinkers, have personal and emotional motivations for why they choose the brands they do. This is especially true for the modern Millennial buyer.
  1. Effective Content: Craft content that addresses your prospects’ specific needs and challenges based on their journey stage. This attracts attention and positions your brand as a valuable resource, drawing in a larger share of the audience.
  1. Timing: Pay close attention to when your prospects are most receptive to your messages. Deliver the right message at the right time to maximize engagement and conversion.
  1. Better Use of Resources: Messages that resonate with your audience are much more likely to convert, thus reducing ineffective campaign spending. This can help improve your ROI and free up resources to chase down opportunities elsewhere.
  1. Building Trust: Authentic, engaging content helps you meet and exceed audience expectations. This fosters trust and loyalty, just as Coca-Cola had to rebuild trust with its customers.

Key takeaways: navigating to success

The influence of data on marketing campaigns is only going to increase. Customer journey insights are the compass we need to accomplish our marketing mission. 

In Coca-Cola’s story, we witness the perils of ignoring customer connections. In the modern B2B world, we have the opportunity to learn from this debacle and operate differently. With data-driven insights, we can create campaigns that resonate, engage, and convert.