iOS 14 brings the biggest paradigm shift in Marketing


iOS 14 isn’t just about a fresher look; it’s about reinventing an ad-free space. 

Apple is going to make it smarter, more secure, and more private for its users. iOS14 is going to create a future where you get your privacy back; an ad-free world where you decide to choose; if you let someone track you or not.


Source- Apple

Bring it on!

Apple wants customers to feel powerful and private while browsing the web. So, it has brought major tweaks to help users protect their privacy, even on the web.

Apple says with iOS 14, they are giving users more control over the data they share, and with more transparency into how it’s used. The App Store will allow Apple users to understand the privacy policy of each app right before they hit the download button, so the user understands better if the app respects their privacy, or not.


Source- Apple

The Future of Mobile Marketing

The update will allow you to get a Privacy Report to gauge how websites you’re visiting treat your privacy and will apprise you of all those tracking you!

With this update, apps will need permission from users for using the IDFA. IDFA, the Identifier for Advertisers, is unique to each apple device and allows tracking users and present to them targeted ads.

Apple killed the IDFA. The new opt-in only feature will give users the power to allow tracking or not. Apps can only read the IDFA once they have received permission from the user.

This also signifies the end of retargeting, because, without this ID, it’s just not possible. If a user doesn’t want to be tracked, there’s no way you can retarget them.

This is how Apple has revolutionized the future of mobile marketing. The game has begun.