How to reach B2B Buyers in 2020

How to reach B2B Buyers in 2020

With the buying process drastically changed, how you reach B2B buyers this year needs to change too. The customer journey is no longer a linear path.

Winning in the B2B landscape needs you to reach and resonate with your target audience. We, as marketers, hate nothing more than our brand messages to go in one ear and out the other.

Your brand has a voice, and it’s time to make it heard. Here’s how to create a goal-slaying strategy-

Key buying activities

Source- Gartner

The B2B Buyer

In the battle of logic vs. emotion, logic wins for B2B marketing. More people are involved in B2B decision making than they are in B2C. They want to know how your business can help their business grow, how you can help them meet their goals.

In B2B, emotions don’t justify a purchase, logic does.

Prove to them how you are the right fit, not by words, but by citing evidence.

There has to be an alignment. The image your social media builds should be the same as the one your salespeople create for your prospects. Deliver a unified experience regardless of the channel.

Understanding the Market

Reaching businesses is way different than getting in touch with individual customers.

B2B customers have a different standpoint while deciding to make a purchase. They want a better ROI, valuable insights, and increased efficiency. This isn’t about better deals or something personal for them, unlike B2C.

If you want bigger and better deals, you should focus on helping your customers in the buying process. This is what converts them into trusting clients. Why? Because you were there when they needed it!

Psychographic Marketing

Be Resourceful

Your business has to deliver value in each transaction at all the possible touchpoints. In B2B marketing, educating your audience is crucial to such a great extent that it becomes indispensable.

People don’t want to be marketed to, but they want to be informed and educated.

So, when you create your next email newsletter, don’t talk about what you want to say, talk about what they want to hear.

What’s In The Message?

Understanding the B2B buyer’s journey will get you more business. Not every message will resonate with everyone because your prospects are in different stages of the buyer’s journey.

Your message should make them feel that you understand them, and you’re there to help them out. This is how your brand gives a personal touch, and they know they are just not one of those people you want to strike off your list.

Define your target audience and then segment them into various categories, so the right message reaches the right people.

Branding, and What Not

Leverage social media to flaunt your brand personality! Show them there are real humans trying to make it work for your clients; this is what skyrockets brand awareness to a level that people get to a point they can’t stop talking about your brand.

Website and social media play a huge role in reaching B2B buyers. A website is a simple and efficient platform to share information about your product or service.

You need to present your brand in a way that shows them you care about their time. Because, these people you’re trying to reach out to, already have a lot on their plates!

Brand Advocate

Brand Advocacy

Your employees are your best brand advocates. Let them demonstrate your culture. Have them share what’s going on at work. As per HubSpot, the engagement increases 8 times when employees share content when compared to the brand doing so.

If you want people to connect with you, you need to talk about the culture too. You can’t just keep ranting about business.

Research says most B2B buyers prefer articles to an advertisement on social media. So, pen down a few articles sharing your expertise, and also, your culture!

Today’s B2B buying process is so complex than it was a decade ago. It works on the premise of conditional logic more than getting blown away merely by emotion.

Marketing can’t have a one-size-fits-all approach now. For people to do business with you, you need to earn their trust and adapt to their needs, not just the market trends.

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