How to Generate Leads using Account-Based Marketing (ABM)


As a B2B marketer, we spend a lot of time generating leads and some more time vetting those leads. But unfortunately, these leads don’t always translate into customers.

But imagine a world where you can directly sell to your best prospects with high intent of buying. No wasted time in selling those who never wish to buy your product.

That’s efficient, right?

Well, this is not too good to be true. In fact, this is pretty much doable.

Have you heard something called “Account-based Marketing”?

If you haven’t, let us define it for you.

What is Account-based Marketing?

Account-based marketing is a strategic way in which you can create a personalized experience for specific business accounts. It allows you to filter out low-quality leads and focus on those who matter. By doing this you create a highly personalized customer journey addressing very specific customer pain points. Giving you a better rate of conversion for your efforts.

How to Generate Leads using Account-Based Marketing?

Once you know what kinds of accounts or buyer personas bring the most revenue for your business, you can start lead generation using the same ABM techniques.

There are several ways to incorporate lead generation into your current ABM strategy. Here’s How you can do it.

1) Build a Content Calander

Account-based marketing involves a lot of strategic outreach. With each interaction, you should be adding value to their life. Develop an ABM calendar and create content that compels your audience to exchange their information in return.

2) Create Lead Magnets Specific to your Audience

Since you have highly specific information about your prospects, you can create lead magnets that solve a specific problem if your prospect. It takes time to plan an ABM strategy, so make sure the lead magnet you create really solves your customer’s problem. You can use this lead magnet to reach a new audience that highlights your expertise. An efficient way to scale your lead generation through ABM is to keep the content 80% the same throughout with 20% customized to that specific account.

3) Leverage your Network

With Account-based marketing, you create a network of prospects similar to your base customer. And a warm audience is always better than a cold one. Reach out to the c-level executives, LinkedIn connections, and referrals from existing customers to get you started with a new audience. You can also create content for platforms where you think your target audience spends the most time on the internet. The aim is to warm up the audience wherever and whenever possible.

4) Use the Lookalike Feature on Social Media

Social media algorithms have a huge database that helps them to find an audience that is similar to your current one. An Account-based marketing list involves a series of steps that are hard to scale. With social media algorithms, you can scale your ABM lead generation and create a wider customer base of a specific audience.

5) Keep Engaging with New Target Accounts

Customers are always on a journey. They might not be ready to do business with you today, but one day they might be. Keeping this in mind, your Account-based marketing strategy should keep engaging with a new audience. Think of the audience’s biggest challenge, biggest pain point and eliminate them. help them solve their problems and this will automatically create trust with your brand. Once you know the audience is warm enough you can pitch them your lead magnet and gather information.

6) Use Automation

ABM is all about personalization. And personalization is not possible at scale without technology. Use software technologies where possible and scale your customization efforts. The technologies allow you to gather information about prospects visiting your website, enabling you to create personalized strategies. This also allows you to remarketing campaigns for those prospects who missed you on the first attempt. personalized landing pages, chatbots, emails can really help you scale your account-based

The Benefit of Generating Leads using Account-based Marketing Leads

  1. Keep the Marketing and Sales Team Aligned
  2. Maximize your relevance among your highly-specific target accounts
  3. Deliver a personalized and relevant customer experience
  4. Measure your ROI
  5. Expand business through deep customer relationships


Both account-based marketing and lead generation need strategic planning but it doesn’t have to be overwhelming. By combining ABM and lead generation we can get the best of both worlds. If you are new to ABM and need steps to get started, you can connect with us.