How to Execute an Effective Sales Discovery Call

How to Execute an Effective Sales Discovery Call

Closing calls is deeply satisfying, right? Signed deals accompany with them a winning feeling, and we all like the taste of it. But, with practice comes expertise. You may call it intuition but, after making those calls time and again, somewhere along the line you understand if the call is going to be successful and to what extent.

When you’re running a discovery call, it’s important to make a good one. The first call you get on with your prospect sets the tone for the entire conversation. It decides the direction the sales process will head in, to an unbelievable extent.

We have listed out a few key points you need to know to just hit it off with your prospects!

1. Getting to Know

With sales discovery calls, you build rapport and get a step closer to deeply understand your prospects. You get an unambiguous idea about your prospect’s needs, pain-points and expectations. This is what evokes the deft knowledge needed to solve their problems and clearly define your value propositions to your clients.

This call is equally significant to your prospects. They get to know who you are as a company and what you have to offer to them. This helps them understand the value you will bring to the table.

2The Right Questions

The most crucial aspect of a discovery call is to ask the right questions. It makes closing the deal much easier and the process much smoother for both you and your client. You should set the intention to get to know your prospect’s company and their role in the organization. You may also ask them about their goals and the timeline they would be expecting to achieve them in.

Be all ears. You have a few important questions to ask but don’t get too lost in it that you fail to listen to your prospect’s responses. Actively listen and try to understand where they are coming from. Figure what they have to say and then if any question emerges in your mind, just ask! Communication is the key.

3. Don’t Forget Your Homework

Do some research about the company as well as the person you’re going to get on a call with.  It’ll give you critical information about what they might be interested in and eventually what they are looking for. You will know what to talk about and how to effectively steer the conversation in the right way.

Before you start pitching yourself, wrap your head around their problems and then tell them how you can help and your comprehensive strategy to go about it. Throw a similar situation where you were able to get things done and helped businesses grow much beyond expectations.

It takes the right prep to execute good discovery calls. Record your calls for yourself. Go over them to analyze what you did right and what can be improved. It will also give you a thousand other ideas about how you can tweak things for the betterment. Plan and then execute.

Winding up

One thing you should remember is authenticity wins the game. Try to genuinely talk to and help the person on the other side of the phone. It reflects. Your purpose reflects and so does your intention.

Be in the business in order to build. Create something that changes the world for better, no matter how small.