How to Create a Perfect B2B Marketing Offer


B2B marketing is always challenging, but even more so in a crowded market space filled with tough competitors. That’s when creating a marketing offer becomes important. That’s your opportunity to stand out. 

Having a compelling offer with precise targeting can fill your sales funnel with prospective clients fast. But unfortunately, this is the most ignored aspect of B2B marketing. When the services you offer are similar, the prospect may not be able to differentiate between you and the competitors. A good B2B marketing offer tells the customer what to expect, the delivery method, and the pricing. An offer helps them understand how opting for your brand can change their lives for the better.     

Many good B2B marketers spend a lot of time creating a perfect sales funnel but rarely think about a compelling offer. Let’s discuss what a good marketing offer is, and how you can use it the right way. 

What is a Perfect B2B Marketing Offer?

Many of the things we generally consider as an offer are not actually offers. Your contact us pages, product content, case studies are good to grab attention but they are not offers.

An offer is something your prospect must complete a form to access. So the thing you put behind the form must be worth sharing the information. You can offer your target audience: eBooks, webinars, free tools, consultations, templates, coupons, and many more.

The perfect B2B marketing offer is created after studying your industry, customer behavior, and your own strengths as a company.

How to Create a Perfect B2B Marketing Offer

There are several qualities that an offer has to possess to qualify as a good offer. Here are our top three:

1) High-Quality Content to your Audience

The most important thing to remember is that if you are asking your prospect to complete a form on your website, the value of your offer must be interesting enough to share their personal information. The offer must address the problems, needs, and curiosity of the customer.

People don’t like to give up their personal information easily and a lead form is a type of friction in their user experience. So you need to make sure your offer is worth that friction.

2) Align your Business and the Offer

A perfect B2B marketing offer complements the products/services you are providing and aligns with your business goals. The educational eBook must not focus on how great your product is, but on solving customer problems through your brand.

If your business provides web development services, your offer must help customers solve website development problems. These offers help you set yourself apart from other competitors and educate prospects about the problems your brand can solve.

3) Target the Right Personas at the Right Time

As mentioned before, a great marketing offer considers the prospect’s needs and problems. Like all your other marketing activities, creating an offer also needs you to understand consumer behavior. If you use lead management software, you can easily segment your audience in the different sales cycles and create offers to move them down the sales funnel. Offers must be placed where your audience hangs out the most. 

How to Leverage your Offers?

Now that you know what makes a good offer, let’s discuss how you can leverage the offers to their full potential.

1) Create Multiple Offers

It’s impossible to target all your prospects with one single offer. Based on where they are in the buying stage, the needs of a prospect may differ. Hence, you need multiple offers targeting various buyers. Create a spreadsheet of all the offers you currently have and see what results they are producing. Having multiple offers gives you the opportunity to target multiple prospects in different buying stages and improve your chances of success. 

2) Create Blog Content Around your Offers

Blogging is a great way to attract an audience to your website. You can create specific content around your offers and walk them through the entire process. It is a great way to convince your audience that your offer can really help them.

3) Promote your Offers on Social Media

The promotions of your offer shouldn’t be restricted to your website. Your social media can work as a promotional tool to advertise your offer by sharing your landing pages links, and briefly explaining the offer. Spend some time building your social media audience so you can expose them to relevant offers. 

4) Use Email Marketing to Promote your Offers

You can use your current email list to send them dedicated emails to promote your offer. If it’s a general offer that everyone on your email list may enjoy, send it to your entire list. The email audience is more trusting of your brand, and hence you may get a better response to your offers.

5) Track the Performance

Track the performance of your offers. So you can evaluate which offers are performing the best, and you can create more such offers, helping you generate more revenue. Do your prospects love ebooks more than a webinar? Are they interested only in certain topics? Use what you know to create more interesting offers and improve lead generation.   


Without offers, there’s no way you can convert your website audience to leads. They are a critical tool even for nurturing existing leads and making them sales-ready. But the word offer is vaguely used in B2B business and marketing. We hope this blog post helped you realize what constitutes an offer and the different ways you can use them.