How to Create a B2B Content Syndication Marketing Campaign


For a B2B marketer, having an arsenal of various B2B marketing strategies is a must. Key among those strategies should be content syndication. It is a marketing strategy where you can republish the content you posted on your website on third-party assets. 

Your company’s blog is the center of your marketing efforts to drive inbound traffic and leads. But when starting, blogs are not enough to drive traffic. You need to leverage other websites that already have good traffic. Hence, content syndication becomes important for growing your brand faster.   

Here are the four content syndication marketing campaigns you can create. 

1) Syndicate Third-party Content on your Blog

As a publisher, you can ask bloggers who publish content in a similar niche to feature their content on your blog. 

Ideally, your website can have 10% of syndicated content. It’s a great idea to feature helpful content for your audience. 

If you run a guest blog, it’s difficult to find authors to write a new blog post on your website. Anyone who is an influencer won’t be able to take time to write content specifically for your website. 

With a content syndication marketing campaign, you can republish their famous blogs on your website.   

Adding syndicated content will bring something new to your audience even if it isn’t new on the web. 

2) Syndicate your Content on Other Blogs

As a publisher, you can syndicate your content on third-party websites. 

Syndicated marketing campaigns are a great SEO tactic to get backlinking from reputed websites. For this, you need great content that people will be willing to post on their website. Publishers are willing to make deals if the quality is good. After all, they are getting free content.  

3) Publishing Content Syndication Websites

You can become a regular contributor to platforms that regularly syndicate content. Most news portals frequently syndicate content, as they need fresh content almost every day.  

Partner with platforms that have high website traffic and where your target audience hangs out. 

4) Self-Syndication

Platforms like Medium, Quora, Reddit are a great way to self-syndicate your content. The platforms already have good domain authority, a readymade audience tailored according to niches. 

Linkedin is also a great platform to publish syndicated content. Business2Community is also a great self-syndication platform that can get your content published on sites like yahoo. 


If done right, a content syndication marketing campaign can create amazing brand value for your business, along with traffic and leads.  

Now that you understand a different way of running content syndication marketing campaigns, it’s time to try it out. If you have amazing content on your website but don’t attract high traffic, you are wasting your ideas. Content syndication is a great way to get that initial boost for your website.