How Digitalzone helped DocuSign Get Ahead by Helping them Market their Offering Better

DocuSign Get Ahead by Helping them Market
The Overview:

Have you ever thought about how some of the simplest processes like a signature, for instance, can affect your business? Well, think about a big company with hundreds of documents being physically signed and forwarded each day. Now multiply these by the millions of companies around the world and what would happen if they started doing the same? Well, digital signatures can change the entire ballgame altogether, for good. Plus, they’re easy, safe, time-saving and money-saving – something that companies around the globe are considering day after day.

The Challenge:

DocuSign, a company based in San Francisco, US is one of the leaders in digital signatures. The firm is known to provide electronic signature technology and digital transaction management services for its clients located all over the world. For many, the concept of signing digitally is a far-seeking one. They often have mixed feelings about implying it, pertaining to if the change will really be beneficial or not. Well, if you’re in the same boat, how about trying out DocuSign to start off with?


To spread the word about how truly efficient Digital signatures are, we merged with DocuSign and helped them spread awareness about it. The motto here was not to promote the company but help people understand how digital signatures can truly change a lot of things for their company. It also revolved around ensuring that when our prospects make a choice, they pick the best one in the market and choose a provider they can have a long-term relationship with.

The Campaign:

We took up the campaign via email marketing and reached out to a list of prospective companies who we knew were not using digital signatures but would love to, if suggested. A lot of companies surfaced on our list, and slowly we started the process of getting appointments to speak to them and send across the valuable whitepaper, created by DocuSign. Once the email was sent their way, the only thing left to do was wait.


In a campaign like this one, all our cards were on the table. It was needed to be that way so people could get a clear and just idea of how a digital signature could help them and choose to go with a brand or company that made sense of how they wanted things to be.

The Result:

The campaign was a massive success and our prospects were happy to go our way when it came to choosing a brand. Our strategies played off well, people understood the bigger goal and all in all we were delighted with the response. We also know that for everything going ahead, if executed with the same energy and ideology, it will never fail to get big and give people exactly what they’re looking out for!