How Digitalzone Helped Dialpad Promote their Tool to Assist Companies in Smoother Communication Solutions

Digitalzone Helped Dialpad Promote
The Overview:

Dialpad, a firm that aids in providing efficient communication solutions and has assisted many companies over the world through their offerings, was ready with another stunning plan! Their communication tool is at present being used by many enterprises, who have found value in its usage. With VoiceAi and newer tools, the company is leaving no stone unturned to ensure communication flows utmost smoothly wherever Dialpad is used.

The Challenge:

Dialpad had come up with yet another great idea – something that only required good execution for it to go ahead! Here, new communication solutions were on the need and this was something that a lot of big companies found it hard to consider. Various communication platforms have been showcased by Dialpad; however, scrutinizing how vital it is to the organizations they’re being used in is also an important consideration.


Firstly, we analyzed the need to target specific companies. At Digitalzone, we make sure to do a detailed understanding that would help us analyze how effective reaching out to the company would be. We figured out the best way to go about it would be reaching out to our target companies through their channels i.e. relevant decision-makers. For this, we had to first research in-depth and analyze all the data pertaining to the companies we were targeting. With a strong hierarchy in many organizations, it was definitely a challenge to figure out the top decision-makers and what was even tricky was to find out a way to get in touch with them.

The Campaign:

The campaign by Dialpad primarily spoke about applying new rules to the process of business communication to get the best possible outcome. The PDF here spoke about how important it was to ensure that communication is kept clean, effective and made useful for people inside as well as outside the organization. Dialpad understood that everything in this regard had to be made spectacular and there really is no room for any errors. With a full-fledged strategy, the only next step there was to be was getting it on with the right people who would foresee the significance of what was being offered to them.


We took the time to understand the market, audience, and requirement that Dialpad was aiming to target. We thought that telemarketing and email marketing would perhaps be our best picks for this campaign. With the help of our agents and specialists, we started reaching out to the best people we could, to ensure Dialpad’s offerings shone in full radiance and the results would be worth our efforts.

The Result:

The campaign turned out to be a massive success – our prospects responded and seem to like what they were reading & more importantly, they wanted to learn more about it! Thus, Digitalzone & Dialpad were successful in creating a successful pitch. What would follow is something that only time would tell, but here’s to making more success stories…