Google announces innovative advertising solutions

Google announces innovative advertising solutions

Advertising Week has the goal of leveraging technology for better business outcomes. This time Google announced advertising solutions that give marketers and advertisers deep insights into consumer behavior and how automation can surpass customer expectations and demand, both in real-time. 

The pandemic has significantly changed how customers behave and make buying decisions. With this, your business has to adapt too, and now you need top-notch advertising solutions to attract people to your brand.

Google ads insights

Google has introduced a new Insights page in Google Ads. The new feature will give more tailored and detailed insights particular to your business. This page will also show you trends that are shaping your industry and make the most sense to your business. The beta version of it will be available in a few months.

The Insights Page has a trend section that can answer many relevant questions for you, such as what your customers are searching for and the geographies where your product’s demand is in the surge.  The users’ identity is protected, and you cannot chalk up the details to any individual.

Performance towards your business goals

Google has also introduced Performance Max campaigns to help businesses get the most out of their automation efforts. This move will give an array of advertisers and marketers access to fully-automated ads campaigns. 

The Performance Max campaigns will maximize the reach of your campaigns. Google will also keep adding diverse marketing goals for you to choose from. For the first time, you’ll also be able to drive new leads across Google from one campaign, wrote Jerry Dischler (Vice President / General Manager, Google Ads), in a blog post.

The new solutions will also help you better comprehend how machine learning is driving results for your business and how you can ramp up performance!

Google’s new advertising innovations, if used right, will help businesses unlock gigantic business opportunities and reach the right customers, even in difficult times.