Filippo Piras

Head of Growth @ SHIELD


What does demand generation mean to you?

Demand gen to me is providing actionable, problem-solving content to the target audience consistently and distribute it effectively across the channels where your audience hangs out.

How do you align your content strategy with the buyer’s journey?

It’s all about understanding where your buyer is in their journey and decoding their intent. Does the buyer know what you do? Are they just evaluating you as a potential solution? Figure out what they want and better tailor the content to meet their needs.

Do you think demonstrating marketing’s value is hard?

I don’t think demonstrating marketing’s value is hard. I believe right marketing takes time, at least a year, and not many businesses are willing or patient enough to wait that long to see the results.

What’s your favorite lead nurturing tactic?

My favorite lead nurturing activity is LinkedIn organic, for sure. It allows you to nurture multiple leads for ABM strategies while creating conversations that matter.

Do you have a playbook for getting inbound leads? If yes, what does it look like?

We have a content playbook. The idea is to create content for different stages of the buyer’s journey (TOFU, MOFU, and BOFU). It helps you generate demand as well as build a solid brand. And when you have both a great brand and high demand, you get inbound leads rolling in! That’s how I see it.