Explore 10 Amazing B2B Tracking Tools That Uncover Visitor Behavior For Sharper Marketing

Explore 10 B2B Visitor Tracking Tools

Today, websites are the most valuable resource for attracting new clients. You have full control over how to provide the visitors of your website an outstanding user experience.

Nowadays, every company uses account and buyer intent data to qualify leads, evaluate visitor motivation, and deliver highly relevant content at every point of the purchase cycle.

Because of this, tracking website visitors is now a key requirement for every data-driven company. Businesses use website monitoring to find the lead generation methods that work best, correlate marketing campaigns with conversion, and understand how users engage with different sections of your website.

In this article, we will talk about what website visitor tracking and identification and the best tools that B2B businesses can use for tracking prospect behavior. Here are the topics that will be covered:

  1. Introduction
  2. What is website visitor tracking?
  3. What is intent marketing?
  4. Important Features of a B2B Website Visitor Identification Software
  5. 10 B2B Visitor Identification Tools and Software
    1. FullStory
    2. Kissmetrics
    3. Leadfeeder
    4. VWO Insights
    5. Crazy Egg
    6. UserTesting
    7. Mixpanel
    8. Lead Forensics
    9. Act-On
    10. Leady
  6. Conclusion


By tracking your website, you can serve highly relevant information to visitors and guide them through a predictable sales process.

Did you know that less than 10% of people who visit your website sign up? Around 15–30% of your visitors can be identified with the use of a data mining method. How about the remaining visitors? You may work with every qualified website visitor with the help of proper visitor tracking.

Different parts of your firm may have different demands for website tracking. Overall, website tracking

  • assists marketing teams in campaign analysis, serving pertinent information, and lead qualification.
  • aids in the understanding of lead motivation and the timing of the closure by sales teams.
  • aids product teams in enhancing user experience and user retention.

What is website visitor tracking?

Website tracking is a method of monitoring the characteristics and behaviors of the visitors to your website.

This offers data on visitors’ geographic locations and how they found your website, as well as insights into their wants, needs, and activities. You can glean a substantial amount of information about your visitors by tracking them.

What is intent marketing?

Marketing a product or service based on a consumer’s activities that indicate their purpose to make a purchase is known as “intent marketing”.

Simply put, intent marketing involves marketing to people whose actions indicate that they are more likely to take a particular action or make a given purchase.

On a website, intent can be tracked through what pages have been visited, how often and for what length of time.

Important Features of a B2B Website Tracking Software

Real-time tracking is, without a doubt, the most important feature of a B2B visitor identification software.

However, not all website tracking tools offer you real-time data. While many would claim to, they actually just update information occasionally each day. When tracking is delayed, your only option is to react. Website visitors are leads, and you later examine the data to determine what transpired. On the other side, proactive marketers use data in real-time to automate essential marketing functions.

Numerous B2B sales and marketing teams use real-time tracking as it opens up a plethora of opportunities. Here are a few instances:

  • Real-time lead qualification and high-value lead prioritization
  • Tracking activity in real-time and serving dynamic content
  • Notifying the sales team in real-time when qualified leads take the desired action

Real-time tracking also tracks your consumers as they reach key checkpoints in the customer journey and delivers the data to you, which is another significant benefit. You can then mark them for retargeting, send them real-time promotional offers, and expedite qualified leads.

Explore 10 B2B Visitor Tracking Tools

You must comprehend how visitors act on your site and how modifications to it affect that behavior in order to optimize it for KPIs like user experience (UX) and conversions. The tools and software listed below provide insight into a variety of anonymous website visitor behaviors.

Explore 10 B2B Visitor Tracking Tools

  1. FullStory

    For service and product teams, FullStory is among the best solutions for tracking visitor behavior.

    The software automatically finds places in your app or product where customers are having trouble.

    Then, it assists you in locating and prioritizing the improvements that will have the greatest impact on your revenue and customer retention.

  2. Kissmetrics

    Kissmetrics has been created especially for e-commerce and SaaS companies.

    It provides advanced cohort analytics, which enables product teams and marketers to link every website behavior to a specific person and track that person’s journey across all devices.

    Additionally, cohort analysis enables you to pinpoint and target your most valued clients and high-quality leads by using the behavior of actual users.

  3. Leadfeeder

    Marketing and sales teams may find and convert more leads with the assistance of Leadfeeder’s visitor monitoring and lead generation software.

    Every visit made by an employee is connected to the business name thanks to account-level visitor identification.

    Additionally, sales representatives may include identifiable website visitors immediately into their outreach process thanks to interfaces for leading CRMs (including HubSpot, Salesforce, and Pipedrive) and LinkedIn Sales Navigator.

  4. VWO Insights

    The business solution for monitoring visitor behavior and improving your website is VWO.

    Conversion funnels, on-page surveys, and session recordings are just a few of the tools that the VWO Insights package offers to help you understand visitor behavior and its underlying causes.

    Additionally, Insights can be used in conjunction with other VWO products to create an end-to-end experience optimization solution.

  5. Crazy Egg

    With the help of Crazy Egg, companies can understand and monitor the behavior of website visitors.

    Five different types of heat maps are included in this software to aid in exploring and better understanding the visitor behavior that influences other website metrics.

  6. UserTesting

    When marketers are looking for a qualitative website visitor tracking software, UserTesting is a reliable choice.

    With UserTesting, you can interact with your target audience and obtain detailed session recordings as they use your website and carry out particular tasks, allowing you to better understand visitor behavior.

  7. Mixpanel

    Mixpanel is a fully functional user behavior tracking platform that aids in improving user understanding for marketing and product teams.

    It has tools that can help you quickly display crucial data and assess the effectiveness of new product launches.

    What’s more, you can learn more about consumers, including who they are and any potential problems they may be having with your product, thanks to their User Profiles tool.

  8. Lead Forensics

    Lead Forensics helps B2B organizations identify fresh sales prospects in real time as people browse their website.

    It helps get important information like company size, contact details, and search habits.

    In addition, Lead Forensics offers automated lead rating based on a number of factors that sends prompt notifications to flag your ideal clients.

  9. Act-On

    Act-On is a comprehensive and effective marketing automation platform that assists salespeople with prospecting.

    It identifies website visits from important target accounts through their account-based marketing (ABM) features.

  10. Leady

    By recognizing both businesses and specific visitors, Leady elevates the visitor identification game above the competition.

    It is one of the few web visitor tracking programmes that allows B2B lead generation and in-app product usage. In order to track users from beginning to end, you have to track visits as well.


When talking about visitor tracking, the software that you choose must be customized to meet both your specific goals and the gaps in your current stack.

You can track visitor behavior, and/or visitor profiles.

The software that can perform best for you will very likely differ from the visitor tracking stack used by any other organization.

Therefore, it is wise to carefully consider the B2B Visitor Tracking and Identification Tools listed in this article and choose the one that suits your needs perfectly.