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Digitalzone reports record business and client growth leading into 2024.

Published on 30 January, 2024 | Author: Digitalzone

New York – January 30, 2024Digitalzone, a leading B2B marketing and demand gen solutions provider, today announced a record-breaking year with 54 percent year-over-year growth in revenue and a 128 percent client growth rate. This continued company momentum speaks to the evolving demand within the digital marketing landscape for B2B demand gen solutions provided by Digitalzone.   

Digitalzone’s rapid growth can be attributed to its relentless pursuit to innovate tailored solutions that align with clients’ goals, delivering tangible and measurable results. Through expert content syndication strategy that guarantees high quality leads, Digitalzone has enabled businesses across industries to create seamless brand experiences and drive sustainable growth.  

“2023 was a record-setting year for Digitalzone, with business and client growth surpassing expectations. I’m thrilled to see Digitalzone achieving unprecedented milestones and solidifying our position as a trusted demand gen leader,” said Rishikkes Pawar, CEO of Digitalzone. “Joining brands like Reddit, Adobe, Google and IBM on stage at prominent events such as SXSW, B2BMX, and Next-Level ABM, Digitalzone has helped establish valuable connections with renowned players in the field. We look forward to continuing to grow our reputation in the industry and are eager to see continued success in 2024.” 

A testament to its growth and commitment to delivering cutting-edge B2B demand gen solutions, Digitalzone was ranked #750 in the highly esteemed Inc. 5000 list for 2023. This recognition validates Digitalzone’s commitment to excellence, with the company persistently pushing boundaries, staying at the forefront of industry trends, and continuously improving its B2B demand gen services. 

Client Growth 

In 2023, Digitalzone expanded its client base with 130 new clients, among them industry leaders like Salesforce, RingCentral, Thermo Fisher and more. The consistent delivery of exceptional results has been a hallmark of Digitalzone’s performance, resulting in the generation of over 900,000 leads for its clients throughout the year.  

Digitalzone forged and deepened customer relationships with best-in-class B2B and technology leaders, doubling down on the company’s strategy to continue navigating the complex demand generation landscape with industry-leading global companies like G-P, Adobe, BMC, and #FloQast 

In addition to Digitalzone’s record client growth in 2023, the company’s commitment to client success remains at the forefront with its 95 percent client retention rate. 

Company Growth  

Despite compounding pressures of economic uncertainty and talent shortages in 2023, Digitalzone experienced tremendous talent growth: a 92.6 percent increase within a single year, surpassing its initial goal to grow headcount by 50 percent.  

In the span of a year, Digitalzone successfully narrowed the gender gap, transitioning from a composition of 66 percent male and 33 percent female in 2022 to a more balanced 52 percent male and 48 percent female in 2023. This achievement reflects the company’s commitment to fostering diversity and inclusivity in its workforce.  

Adding to its achievements, Digitalzone proudly revealed its refreshed brand identity, featuring a new logo and website, accompanied by a revamped company mission: to expertly connect businesses with their perfect audience, seamlessly transform leads into loyal customers, and support client growth along the way. The new website has recorded an impressive 136 percent increase in traffic year-over-year.  

Digitalzone is set to build upon its current momentum and growth by revealing new executive leadership hires in Q1 2024, bringing fresh perspectives and expertise to propel the company’s growth to new heights. 

About Digitalzone 

Digitalzone is a leading B2B marketing and demand gen company that specializes in creating demand for products and services through personalized and data-driven campaigns. Founded in 2013 with a global presence, Digitalzone leverages cutting-edge technology and proprietary tools to drive rapid growth for clients. As an independent publisher with complete in-house operations and delivery capabilities across its database containing over 105 million opt-in leads, the company has full control over the entire campaign process and a dedicated client team in place to ensure on-time delivery and overall success. Having delivered over 50,000 campaigns for some of the biggest companies worldwide, Digitalzone has a proven track record of driving growth for clients and continues to expand its footprint in the demand generation space. For more information, visit