Digitalzone aims for international expansion after three record breaking quarters in 2022

Digitalzone team at the QBR3 meet at Miami, Florida US

MIAMI, Nov. 14, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Digitalzone just concluded its Quarterly Business Review in Miami, Florida, the entire US and India management team were at this event. The figures are now public — and they are impressive.

Impressive Growth In Each Quarter Of 2022

Digitalzone surpassed most of the goals they had set for all three quarters. Here are the numbers:

  • Q1′ 2K22: 700% growth from Q4 2021
  • Q2′ 2K22: 200% growth from Q1 2022
  • Q3′ 2K22: 125% over the second quarter

Awards, Ascent, Acquisition And More:

The Digitalzone team revels in getting results for B2B Tech companies.

Backing this endeavor is a dedicated and growing team of 350+ professionals spurred by a management team that inspires and rewards action.

Growth brings promotions. In this quarter, there were a few outstanding performers. Three, rose to the position of Vice President. Five were crowned Directors. Salesforce, AWS, HPE, and Flexera were some of the companies that were added to the client list.

Due to customer success and the operation team’s diligent, innovative and excellent efforts, the renewal rate was a staggering 96%.

As a result of this growth, awards were presented to employees who strongly contributed to the success this quarter.

Given all this revenue growth, success, and close rates, Digitalzone is scaling fast. Which means they have to add more arms to their army. 81 new team members were the closing figures.

Rishikkes Pawar, CEO, Digitalzone said, “All employees at Digitalzone should stay aligned with our Vision of Delivering growth while performing their daily activities. We are on mission to deliver growth to our customers by providing them with excellent service. To our employees via new training, knowledge sharing, and new opportunities. To the global society by sharing some profits by contributing to education, health, and the environment.”

Aspirations For Q4

At the end of the Quarterly Business Review, Rishikkes inspired the team: “Digitalzone is looking to undertake International Expansion in the EMEA and APAC markets in Q4 2022. We look forward to harnessing the new markets and driving more growth this last quarter.”

Looking back at the quarter, Digitalzone was the platinum sponsor of the B2B Marketing Exchange [#B2BSMX] at Boston, in August this year. The event was a resounding success with BMC Software presenting a case study on the Content Syndication success achieved for them by Digitalzone.

BMC Software Case Study

BMC Group wanted quality leads with particular titles, job descriptions, and locations for their global sales team. BMC Software wished to address new business pipeline growth and DCP targets. After a thorough reconnaissance, BMC chose Digitalzone as its lead generation partner.

BMC Software Earns 17x ROI

Digitalzone helped BMC earn $2 million for its Demand Centre Pipeline. BMC produced over 5,000 leads and 2,561 MQLs, with 49.5% lead-to-MQL conversion. All this translated to 17x ROI for BMC software.

BMC was elated with the results and presented this case study at the B2BXMS on 8th Aug 2022.

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