Demandbase launches revolutionary ABM platform

Demandbase launches revolutionary ABM platform

Demandbase introduced Demandbase One, a B2B marketing solution that gives you a complete picture of your accounts. It helps businesses to unify sales and marketing to work together as a team, prioritizing accounts, and closing them.

As Demandbase acquired Engagio in June this year, the AI-powered solution is a matchless blend of technologies, offering the best of both to its customers.

Demandbase AI - Solution

Demandbase One will help revenue teams to drive growth like no other. The ABM platform will provide a seamless convergence of sales and marketing with predictive analysis. You’ll be able to identify and prioritize target accounts that match your buyer personas and are in the market with the intent to make a purchase.

The solution goes the extra mile here, giving you the history and context of outreach and engagement. You’ll be able to decipher how accounts are interacting with your brand across all channels and get a detailed view of the buyer’s journey and behavior.

Account based marketing strategies

Demandbase One will also create a holistic view of key accounts for B2B marketers. With omnichannel targeting, it will also help you engage the right accounts at the right time with the right message.

With this, it’s easier to achieve the goal of ABM– growth. You get to focus on and nurture relationships with high-value customers, making the most of your sales and marketing efforts.