Demand gen in the age of analytics.

Published on 28 December, 2023 | Author: Digitalzone

Eliminating uncertainty with precision insights.

It’s finally happening: demand gen marketing is experiencing its mid-life crisis. 

Or, in slightly less-dramatic terms, the channel is at a crossroads of what to do about data. 

Demand generation is lagging as companies the world over feverishly shoehorn data analysis tools into their channel operations like an overstuffed piñata. 

And by 2025, many of those same companies will have finished moving 75% of their workers from production jobs to strategy-related roles, outsourcing the former to AI. 

This titanic shift in marketing tactics reveals a notable discrepancy between demand generation and other channels. 

They all embraced the strategic potential of data long ago.  

So, what gives with demand generation?

The answer lies in unlocking visibility into consumer data. 

Savvy marketers use consumer insights to their advantage every day, improving and enhancing their customer experience.  

The steadfast “never not improving” attitude exhibited by these other channel strategies stands in stark contrast to traditional demand generation tactics that rely on the status quo. 

Marketers have noticed that access to robust customer data is essential for developing a competitive strategy.  

Without it, they have few alternatives to turn to other than guesswork when strategizing.  

It’s time for demand generation marketers to unlock the full potential of clear, actionable insights, replace guesswork, and rely instead on proof of performance.

Accessing and analyzing actionable data can empower demand gen marketers to develop the holistic strategies they need in a hyper-competitive space, based on priceless customer insights, behaviors, and preferences. 

Customer data fuels the development of precise audience targeting, personalized content, and optimized full funnel campaigns.  

This is no theoretical advantage we’re talking about, either. 

B2B marketers recognize demand generation as one of the most effective marketing strategies available. So much so that 60% acknowledge that their pipeline would dramatically decrease without it. 

The Era of Actionable Data

There’s good news for demand gen marketers determined to shift to data-driven strategies. 

Waterfall Content Syndication offers the key to tapping into the full potential of customer journey data.  

Unlike less sophisticated demand gen tactics, Waterfall examines every aspect of the modern B2B buyer journey, delivering more than just leads. It also produces a multi-dimensional analysis of where those leads are and how best to get them to convert. 

With it, demand gen marketers are empowered to apply precise customer observations and craft more holistic strategies capable of boosting conversions and maximizing ROI 

These strategies can support all aspects of brand experience, providing customers with better brand interactions, producing more valuable content, and enhanced buyer experiences.  

It’s Time to Let Data Drive  

As a new year approaches and fresh business goals are set, the surest way to better brand experiences and improved business outcomes becomes clear.  

Data mattered yesterday.  

It matters today.  

And it will continue to matter tomorrow.