7 Best Practices to Drive Customer Engagement

7 Best Practices to Drive Customer Engagement

Why are some brands successful at capturing our attention and the others not so much?

Garnering thousands of users doesn’t help brands succeed anymore. It’s user engagement that does the job!

Customer engagement drives results in the modern market. For a brand, higher customer engagement directly translates to higher customer lifetime value, ROI, accelerated growth, and a killer competitive advantage.

Here are the best practices to get your brand the attention it deserves!

Customer Engagement Trends

Source- Salesforce

1. Behavioral Engineering

Companies that leverage the understanding of human behavior in building and marketing their products and services are the ones that succeed in evoking consumer desire.

Invest in improving user experience. Make each brand interaction easy and personal for your customer, and just when it’s right, prompt a psychological motivation for them to buy from you.

2. Social Proof

Successful brands use social proof to drive engagement. They understand the basic concept that people like doing what others are doing. They got to have what other people have, as easy as that.

Having reviews, success stories, and testimonials make engagement concepts work like magic. People don’t want to take risks with their money, and social proof just tells them you’re worth their money.

highest impact on consumers

Source- Gartner

3. Personalized Experience

Brands need to create personalized experiences to thrive in today’s ever-changing landscape. With relevant and consistent communication, you can engage your audience like never before.

You can’t have a one-size-fits-all strategy for your customers anymore. The expectations of the modern consumer have changed drastically, and brands have no other option than to evolve and meet customer expectations at every possible level.

4. WOM

Customers who find great value in your product or services are your best brand evangelists. They refer you to more and more people and get the word going.

This way, you get more customers without spending tons of money on marketing and advertising. And, because people trust referrals, it’s also one of the most effective ways to increase your sales and acquire customers with a high lifetime value.

Customer values

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5. Default Solution

Long gone are the times when aggressive selling worked. Now people do business or buy from brands with high perceived utility.

Be their go-to brand and establish yourself as a thought-leader. Help your prospects out even if they don’t do business with you as of now. This will build trust, and ultimately you will be the default solution to all their pain points.

6. Human Touch

Expensive marketing and advertising don’t make deep connections with your customers, showing the human side does.

The more technology is invading our lives, the more we crave human touch. Show the human side of your brand and help people relate to it. This is what sets great brands apart from the average ones.

7. Data-driven Marketing

Your focus needs to be on the right analytics to boost customer engagement. Drawing upon customer feedback, how customers are using your product or service, and interacting with your brand at various touchpoints gives you a gigantic scope to grow bigger and better.

Companies embracing a data-driven approach to marketing and serving customers are much more successful in achieving their business opportunities than companies that don’t.

Customer behaviour and Expectations

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It’s time to focus on the customer and build ongoing conversations. Meet your customers where they are- focus on the digital. Use social media as a tool and not merely as a platform.

Customer engagement is the marketing metric that matters the most right now. This is what decides how far a brand will go.

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