Consumer Neuroscience: All You Need to Know

Consumer Neuroscience

Logic isn’t the real reason why we do what we do. I know that’s a hard pill to swallow because we as consumers like to think of our decisions as rational. So, what makes people buy any product or service? This is where consumer neuroscience comes into the picture.

Your marketing has a substantial impact on your consumers’ brains, and it’s measurable. Consumer Neuroscience, also known as Neuromarketing, is the field of studying the brain to anticipate and influence how consumers behave and make buying decisions. Research has proven the tremendous value consumer neuroscience has in store for marketers. Let’s dive into the game-changing details!

Neuromarketing Buying decisions

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The Tenets

  • People tend to stick to what they already know. They fear entering the unchartered territory of the unknown. Make sure your marketing campaign doesn’t make your consumer so uncomfortable that it drives them away.
  • Repetition is the key. People like familiar; people trust familiar. For example, the money-back guarantee or complete refund policy helps consumers to take a risk and try a different product or service that they otherwise may not give a shot.


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  • People trust people. Social proof activates the herding instincts that are deeply ingrained in us all. Show how many people you’ve helped or worked with, how many people have used your product or service, and what they have to say about your brand.
  • Reducing your prices doesn’t necessarily mean increases sales. People find rare things valuable.  Translate the value of your product for what it’s worth. If people don’t think your product is worth their money, you need to do more work on increasing its perceived value and position your brand better!
  • Loss aversion sells! Once people have something, they don’t like to give it back. This is why Free Trial works, we as consumers take a free trial because we seem to have got nothing to lose. But, once we have a pleasant experience with this product, we are hooked!  The Freemium model works on the same premise. You start with a limited free version, and if you want to upgrade to an advanced version, you pay. And, who doesn’t want more features? Who doesn’t want a premium service?

The Neuroscience of selling

The Future

Neuromarketing works because people like the idea they are in control of their lives, and you give them exactly that – control. Consumer neuroscience is undoubtedly going to take center stage as consumer behavior continues to drive results.

Our experiences determine our actions. We’ll repeat buying products and services that keep us happy, and we’ll avoid the ones that don’t.

The insight consumer neuroscience bestows on us can be used in crafting creative campaigns that speak to customers, tweaking pricing and promotional strategies, brand positioning, product development, and so on! It will also tell which audience segments are most receptive to your branding and marketing efforts, and where your focus should be shifted.

Neuroscience Marketing Campaign

Source- Neuroscience Marketing

Understanding the nuances of customer behavior is a real game-changer in marketing.  It helps you deliver the experience your customers are seeking. Because, if they don’t get that magical experience from you, they are going to get it somewhere else.

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